Oct. 12th, 2011

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okay my little thing of melatonin ran out this week, so i went to target to get more. this meant switching from tablets that were 500 mcg (.5 mg) to ones that were 3 mg. hypothetically since the new tablets are 6x what i'm used to i should have been completely knocked out, right?

FALSE. I WAS IN BED FOR 7 HOURS AND GOT ABOUT 5 HOURS OF SLEEP. which wouldn't have been that bad except i kept WAKING UP so really i got 2 hours of sleep and then 3 hours of sleep, which always makes me feel really grumpy and gross. plus i have to do wake-ups* in an hour and then i have to go to a doctor's appointment at 10:30 and then i have class from 12:50-4 and then dinner at 5:30, all-house at 6:30, a guest lecturer to attend at 7, and finally work from 8:30-10. IN SIMPLER TERMS, i have been awake since 4AM and unless i skip one of my classes to take a nap, i will be awake until at least 10:30PM :||||||||||| and i really hate skipping classes, especially since the two i have today are my wgs classes and i really enjoy both of them. and i can't just take something (short of, like, cocaine) to keep myself awake because caffeine doesn't affect me at all until i get to the point where i'm shaking and have headaches.

TL;DR MY LIFE: SO HARD but for real this sucks

*there's this antiquated law in oregon that says if there are so many unrelated women (i think ~10?) living in the same house together and they all have their own bedrooms, the house is considered a brothel. there are 40+ women living in my sorority house right now, so obvs we are in violation of that law, which means instead of everyone having their own bedrooms we have these giant rooms with lots and lots of bunk beds where everyone sleeps (called a sleeping porch). it's actually really great and i love it a lot, but because there are so many people all trying to sleep, you're not allowed to have alarms go off between 6-8AM on weekdays. instead, we have this little tag system where you say what time you want to be woken up and then whoever is on duty for that day will come around and wake you up personally. long story short, every two weeks or so i have to get up at 5:45 and then go around and wake people up for two hours.


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