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will update properly later about how my day was actually pretty good, but for right now UGH JOBS WHY ARE YOU SO DIFFICULT TO FIND EVEN WHEN THERE IS A WEBSITE DESIGNED TO GET YOU FOR ME
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I want my hair to look like this again :c I'm annoyed that I haven't gotten my hair cut since like February, and my mom's next appointment is on July 10th (aka the day we're leaving for California; although I think she scheduled it for herself only anyway, which is just awesome on her part).

also between 15 August 2009-05 July 2007, no pictures of me were added to Facebook. weird.
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I really wish I had a friend whose house I could go over to whenever I wanted and not feel like some sort of hanger-on. I've always liked the idea of a "best friend" that you read about in books, who knows your house as well as you do and calls your parents mom and dad. it'd just be nice to feel at home somewhere.
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LiveJournal is not letting me add RSS feeds to my fpage :| also I should just never talk to anyone ever, it never works out well for me.

I'm going to go read more of Paradise Lost.
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I am so hungry :< also I need to work on how whenever I feel bad about something I've done (i.e. failing at something again) it translates to me hating my body :/
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owwwwwww gauges hurttttttttt :((((((( ugh seriously I feel like I'm being such a baby about this but seriously I am like about to cry. I'm trying to decide whether or not it's worth it. anybody have any ideas for an anesthetic I can use? (also gauges is not the right term but idr the correct one :/)
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ↂ band camp is over!!! we actually have the entire opener and like half the ballad on the field and it's pretty damn good. I got the warm fuzzies after our parent performance haha. I'm worried about not having the met on during the ballad though, the band always slows down and wants to make it all pretty like a concert when they need to keep their feet going at 90/180. then again, we're only two weeks into the season, so I'm pretty optimistic.

[livejournal.com profile] exceptindreams has been posting some really amazing poems lately. my favorites are You're Beautiful/The Shout (Simon Armitage), The Vanishings (Stephen Dunn), You Fit Into Me (Margaret Atwood), For Strong Women (Marge Piercy), and This Be The Verse (Philip Larkin), although really they've all been exceptionally good.


ↂ I don't want to go to Seattle this weekend :/ Claire should hitchhike home.

ↂ I want to cut my hair super short (like boy-short but a little...longer on top? idk, I'll have to figure it out) but I want to lose weight around my face first, it looks so much better on people with delicate features and mine are...not so much. :///

I.....want to go through my icons and change all the names of everything >_> like DBSK ⟶ 동방신기 and etc. I'll have to go through and change all the icons on my entries though, sigh. ugh nvm too lazy

ↂ ten points to the first person who accurately guesses (/knows) what this bullet point actually is.
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ugh I'm really not sure whether to be excited for the Avatar movie or kind of pissed off. really idc that much about the chinese characters thing, but the casting does irritate me. I mean, I'm generally all for the idea of the most talented person getting the part, but it's not like there aren't any talented Asian actors out there (I honestly think Dante Basco could play Zuko if he were a bit scrawnier, that man DOES NOT AGE--seriously, playing a REALLY FIT teenager when he was 31? yeah. ageless.), and given that all the cultures in the series were based off preexisting ones...idk, my opinion is that they should cast people for each nation from the culture they were based on. whitewashing (LOOKING AT YOU, 21) irritates the hell out of me :/

in other news, got Michael Turner's Soulfire: Chaos Reign (because omg hot people in skimpy clothing) and some Dark Horse/MySpace collaboration anthology that has a pretty awesome Joss Whedon miniseries in it. makes me happy.

finally, I have started noticing that on all the spaghetti-strap tank tops I have, the straps are too long :| obv it's fine if they're adjustable, but most of them aren't, so my bra is constantly sticking out, urgh. you'd think my boobs would more than compensate for my short shoulders/sternum/whatever, but APPARENTLY NOT. boo my life.

off to Karsh Kale & MIDIval PunditZ (and possibly CSz? idk) in about an hour, ttfn.
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actually I feel kind of like shit :[ I just like repeating that phrase over and over. try it.

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deciding at like the age of 10-12 (idr when exactly) that I loathed my body and would cover it up as much as possible, which is why now only my chest/arms/shoulders/face are the only (relatively) tan parts of my body.

in other news, I'm just waiting to upgrade my account until I get to CA and set up my debit card there, but ARGH I WANT MORE USERPICS. I only have like one ~solemn~ icon :|
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I'm really bored and HandBrake hates me and Burn Notice makes me want to go to Miami and ugh my life is so blah.

btw, CA on Saturday for two weeks and then (most likely, nothing's been announced yet afaik) band camp for another two plus my sister's bday party on the 15th. jsyk.


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