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Taking a cue from several other people, I will specify that by and large, Facebook and LJ serve two totally different purposes for me, and for the most part have two totally different audiences - therefore, if I want anything cross-posted between one and the other, I will do it myself, and I very adamantly do not want anyone else making that decision for me.

In my journal, please do not tick the tickybox that crossposts things to Facebook. If you leave a comment here that you REALLY REALLY want posted on FB too, copy and paste it.

is anyone even really using this feature? idk, but if you are, please don't use it on any of my journal entries unless otherwise specified.

thanks :)

I really love that my room is just below the lounge. somebody comes in and plays piano like every other day, it's lovely. (and it's frequently Regina Spektor :O rn it's Samson, which is just...aksndglds) I should meet them.
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from Facebook:
Jessica S is currently overwhelmed with and slightly disgusted by the reinforcement and restrictions of gender norms, gender expectations, lack of androgyny, and heterosexism that exists so prominently (and unnecessarily) in our lackluster hyper-capitalistic culture.
Ted G I get what you are saying, bet prepare for my global comment, meant lovingly, of course; It sounds like you should live in Alabama or somewhere where you can make real change. It's all perspective. As a heterosexual white male, I'm sick of all the sexism and destruction aimed at my group, so I know how you feel. I'm sure if my white male ancestors were to see the poor treatment they would retrospectively receive, they would have sat back and let this place stay Third World so that there would not be the standard of living we have that allows the luxury of gender studies classes for folks who would otherwise be stuck outside working in the fields of the Tualitin Valley on this overcast Tuesday morning. But they kept going at it until they built for us all of the luxuries of roads and utilities and computers we all take for granted and allow men and women an easy life. When you see an old man that doesn't 'get you', stop and thank him for his contribution. [emphasis mine]

I can't tell whether or not he's kidding.

flist meme )
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hahahahahaha Binks has a fan club? wtf that is so creepily awesome.

I feel like doing pushups. clearly I am still sick.

also when did I become such a masochist :[
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fucking hell i was in a good mood and then claire just totally ruined it. i am fucking counting the days until i can move out and get the hell away from her selfish ass.

anyway. i love my aunt and uncle p ♥ they (and my lil cousin!) make me so happy. will probably expand on this tomorrow, when i (finally) have time to make a proper entry.

in other news, i am so amused by how seriously people take my facebook statuses. it's like i get my own personal corner of the internet to troll!
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went to SFMOMA yesterday (Richard Avedon omg), going to see grandparents/two aunt-n-uncle pairs/one little cousin today ;; my senior pictures are up! if you're my friend on facebook you can see the direct link, but I might post some individual pictures here if anyone cares...? idk, I haven't felt much like updating lately, but whatever.



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