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so I am spending the weekend at my mom's friend's house, because she'll be in Seattle and she needs someone to watch her cat. sort of exciting to have a giant house all to myself, I guess, even though I'll probably be gone during the day. but it should be interesting at least, and hey, money! (although I'm going to have to go buy food, cause it didn't look like she had much and I don't want to eat up everything in her fridge, obv. or maybe I'll just order in. idk, we'll see.)

Claire's supposed to be babysitting all Saturday, too, but it's looking like she might not because she hasn't gotten any information about it. normally this wouldn't matter to me at all, except she has a haircut on Saturday that I was going to take because she'd be gone (I was supposed to get mine cut on the 20th, but Shelly accidentally scheduled it on August 20th because she was going to be in Mexico that week), and now I'm annoyed at the prospect of having to wait even longer to get my hair cut :| I'm coming up on six months (if not more, jfc) and my hair is just so awful right now it bothers me every time I look in the mirror.

....my life is really boring :| also I would really like my body to be 18 and not 65.

PS I have a new layout! (and a new default to go with it lol.) I really like it, I think it's super cute~ and I would just like to say that I want to check back in on the Inception fandom in like six months and see lots of epic fic. that movie is fantastic and I really love the premise, but the characters are lacking and I want to see fandom do its magic. (I also want to see Arthur/Ariadne, aka THE ONLY CANON PAIRING besides Cobb/Mal because seriously fuck Arthur/Eames.)
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this is mostly for myself, but I thought I'd post it publicly in case anyone else is interested: a reclist of female-centric Star Trek (Reboot) fics, all explicit. there's f/m, f/f, f/f/m, f/m/f, and genderswap listed as well as a section specifically for McCoy/Chapel. there's also a part two specifically concerning "sexually aggressive women in 'vanilla' [note: f/m] sexual situations."

also: I have been semi-sucked into the Merlin and Supernatural fandoms despite never having seen a full episode of either show. what is my life.
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I want my hair to look like this again :c I'm annoyed that I haven't gotten my hair cut since like February, and my mom's next appointment is on July 10th (aka the day we're leaving for California; although I think she scheduled it for herself only anyway, which is just awesome on her part).

also between 15 August 2009-05 July 2007, no pictures of me were added to Facebook. weird.
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I love my father. (the picture links to his Flickr, if you're interested.)

also, this has been bothering me a lot lately: to all the LJ friends I've almost completely lost touch with recently, how are you? let's talk about something.
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I recently found all my old photos (finally x_x), and I realized that I have printed this probably close to seven times, all in different sizes and with different effects. while it's not my favorite of all the pictures I've taken, it's definitely up there.
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bad news: I'm annoyed that band awards night is tomorrow :/ and I'm completely exhausted right now so The Pursuit of Happyness is making me really upset.

good news: every time I see Chansung's happy trail I'm like OH GODDAMN.


Apr. 10th, 2010 08:25 pm
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so [livejournal.com profile] awoken and I decided a few weeks back to do a mixtape exchange...and then we both forgot about it...and now they're both up! lol. mine is here (at the mix community I'd forgotten I'd made) and hers is here (there's also a link to this at my entry, and you should check out all her mixes, they're fantastic).
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for Christmas and it isn't official yet but omg I want one so bad. actually I just want Wii Fit because omg that is so addicting.

and uh anyway. shit idk what I was going to say now. um tok presentation is going well? I just don't want to memorize the list religion (aka buddhism) because wtfffff so. much. stuff. also why is mollee still on sytycd :| and why is she paired with nathan, he is so awesome and adorable :|||

and! I feel like I've been an absolutely horrible lj friend lately—I usually just check my flist on my phone, which means it's a bitch and a half to comment on anything, and by the time I read it again on my computer I can't think of anything to say—so I am taking a page out of [livejournal.com profile] czarny's book and doing a reverse friends cut. which basically means that if you want to take me off your flist, go ahead, I won't mind or be offended or whatever. and really this applies at any time, although if you're going to just randomly do it, I'd appreciate an explanation? but idk, idc, whatever.


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