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my thread at the holiday love meme

i've had insomnia in the worst way this week :| i'm tired but i just don't have the motivation to go to sleep. also i'm trying to figure out whether i want to go home on wednesday (which is the current plan) or stick around until friday. either way i'm done with my finals on monday so it's basically a question of how long do i want to lay around the house in a semi-drunken stupor. although i think i might be more productive writing-wise if i stay here? also tbh i probably shouldn't spend any more time with my family than i have to. but i also probably shouldn't be making any decisions at 4am.

the good news is that at some point over winter break rachel and i (and katie?) are having an adventure time-and-alcohol party \o/ although it'll probably devolve into an alcohol-and-skype party, lol.

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sorry about posting twice today, i've been meaning to make a real journal post for a while and this is the first chance where i've had both the motivation and the time to do it. SO.

first things first: i am stealing [livejournal.com profile] annalouwho's getting-to-know-me activity!

Name one of my fandoms (check the profile) and I will tell you my:
Favorite ship
Least favorite ship
Favorite character(s)
Favorite episode
(A) Favorite quote

my fandoms are, in no particular order, avatar: the last airbender, buffy, criminal minds, firefly, game of thrones, harry potter, suits, true blood, and probably lots of other stuff i'm forgetting about. i'll also answer for kpop (using smtown + yge groups - you can ask by company or by band) although idk how to twist the favorite episode category for that.

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1 i pledged pi beta phi

2 i am so fucking sick ide
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i was going to make this whole long post about what i think about each of my classes, but then i realized i don't care enough so here is the quick and dirty version:

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that's all.
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spending Thanksgiving break at Sunriver. normally it'd take 3-4 hours maximum to get here from Portland, but because of the snow it was 6 hours from Salem and at least an hour before that :| but we watched the sixth Harry Potter movie in the car in preparation for seeing the seventh one today! expect lots of capslock and !!!!s on twitter, lol. Thanksgiving itself was good. we watched The Fall and Malcom In The Middle after dinner, and I played Tom at chess and managed to take his queen! \o/ he still beat me ofc but I was like YESSSSS ACCOMPLISHMENT.

also the backlight on my iPod went out :|||||||||||||

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fkdslgnkds )

/life update

for fandom friends, because idk that it's worth a second entry: i am so happy about jonghyun/sekyung. every time i think about it my face goes all n_____n lol. i really hope they last.
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so I am spending the weekend at my mom's friend's house, because she'll be in Seattle and she needs someone to watch her cat. sort of exciting to have a giant house all to myself, I guess, even though I'll probably be gone during the day. but it should be interesting at least, and hey, money! (although I'm going to have to go buy food, cause it didn't look like she had much and I don't want to eat up everything in her fridge, obv. or maybe I'll just order in. idk, we'll see.)

Claire's supposed to be babysitting all Saturday, too, but it's looking like she might not because she hasn't gotten any information about it. normally this wouldn't matter to me at all, except she has a haircut on Saturday that I was going to take because she'd be gone (I was supposed to get mine cut on the 20th, but Shelly accidentally scheduled it on August 20th because she was going to be in Mexico that week), and now I'm annoyed at the prospect of having to wait even longer to get my hair cut :| I'm coming up on six months (if not more, jfc) and my hair is just so awful right now it bothers me every time I look in the mirror.

....my life is really boring :| also I would really like my body to be 18 and not 65.

PS I have a new layout! (and a new default to go with it lol.) I really like it, I think it's super cute~ and I would just like to say that I want to check back in on the Inception fandom in like six months and see lots of epic fic. that movie is fantastic and I really love the premise, but the characters are lacking and I want to see fandom do its magic. (I also want to see Arthur/Ariadne, aka THE ONLY CANON PAIRING besides Cobb/Mal because seriously fuck Arthur/Eames.)
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ᴥ beach trip was fun and spawned multiple inside jokes, at least two of which can be found on Facebook.

ᴥ I seriously feel like last summer was only about two months ago. I can't believe I went through an entire year of school, and my last year, too. it's all very weird.

ᴥ I have been waking up 6-6:30 every morning (going to bed 11-12) and I really don't like it. I feel really sleepy and unmotivated, and everything hurts.

ᴥ the unmotivated part is a problem, because I really need to be Doing Things, and there are a lot of things that I could do that I'm just...not :/

ᴥ also, I am 5-10 lbs. more than I normally am :/ (my weight tends to fluctuate between 121-126, and I'm currently about 131.) this is mostly due to all the grad parties (so. much. barbecue.) but also because, for some reason, in late May/early June I just kept ending up at places without much healthy food, like restaurants where I'd go on occasion but all in a row. idk. but so I need to get back on the exercise wagon.

ᴥ I bought this book when I was in Seattle last weekend (which just happened to be an autographed copy, so I got a free broadside :o) and highly recommend it. (you can see a brief excerpt here.) I think I'm going to send a link to Sensei or smth, he'd love it.

ᴥ this bullet point thing seriously reminds me of that one blue Pokemon that looks like a Weeble-Wobble with legs.

ᴥ I'm in that weird place that I go to every summer where I spend too much time indoors and really want to get out of the house, but every time an opportunity to do so comes up, I end up going "...I think I'll just stay home :/" I wish I didn't do this.

ᴥ I have been spending waaaay too much time on Tumblr. it is a sickness.

ᴥ damn my face is oily right now.

ᴥ how are you, flist?
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lol my life.

am planning to spend today with hot chocolate, lots of blankets, the last episode of Dexter S3, and Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book (which I got last night for $5, awwwww yeah Powell's). whee.
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my day yesterday, so incredibly tl;dr )

so yeah. all in all, a pretty good day :)

*for anyone who isn't aware, Jake is Zach's best friend who a) likes me (even though I don't like him back and sincerely doubt I ever will, as more than a friend) and b) is incredibly stubborn, so Zach thinks he's going to stop talking to him or something, idek

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my mom is stuck in Cleveland. that sort of makes me laugh, ngl.

also I had the fucking weirdest dream I've ever had (to my memory) last night. it involved Molly dating Orlando Bloom and Jack Nicholson in TDK!Joker makeup and a bird smashing a dog's head in. very creepy. not excited to sleep tonight.

Amadeus party tomorrow!
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Ellen DeGeneres is fucking amazing and I am craving mashed potatoes. and apparently accompanying Jake to Ava tomorrow morning because he's never been, so feel free to show up? and um Pomona and Vassar are definitely off my list, but Quest and Wellesley are definitely still on.
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I thoroughly dislike my new haircut but it's too short to put up so I have to deal with it until it grows out. also I would sell my soul to never have to clean a mirror ever again.
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I've been a horrible LJ friend lately, I apologize :/ I've been checking my fpage regularly but I haven't had much time to do it on the actual computer and the programs I use on my phone either don't work or take entirely too much time to do so. so yes.

the only real newsworthy thing is that if Leron gets an iPhone like he plans to he says he'll give me his iTouch! I feel sort of guilty taking stuff from him when I never give him anything in return, but he offered, so.... idk, does that make me a bad person? I feel like I never reciprocate anything for anyone :/

besides that, I've been thoroughly enjoying the mixes I've downloaded lately, and I've been relistening to the ones I made over the summer and actually rather liking those too. still stuck on my love songs one, but whatever. also I need to post them, I actually ended up making a community after all ;; but yeah. I'm just going to rec my three favorites because I've been listening to them pretty much nonstop.
my better half has bitten me—a Jennifer's Body EP
well-alright—a mix about apathy & enthusiasm, lust & puppy love, insecurity & arrogance, making mistakes & ... making more mistakes. basically, a mix about teenagers.
acoustic methods—a mix full of acoustic songs

there was another one called "past is prologue" that was about being all :| about your childhood that I'm actually listening to right now but I can't find it again :/

also I cannot think of a suitable topic for my college essay aaaaaaaaaargh
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my sister is so incredibly stupid sometimes that it boggles my mind. like seriously I cannot even do anything but laugh at her right now and go "wow, you just completely lost that battle." bitch.

also I dislike Key's bangs. the rest of it is cute, but his bangs are just...no.

PS this is totally hell week for IB D: SO BEHIND IN EVERYTHING FUCK MY LIFE. and I am sort of apprehensive about tomorrow, tra la la.
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EDIT: lmao Chahles this is like your life in a YouTube video.
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lmao I have so much love for Amber. I bet she was all LOOK KRYSTAL PEOPLE THINK WE'RE IN LOVE :D

also I am sort of super excited for the TOK chronicle-the-school project. my group is doing the drama department, which should be interesting as hell. plus I'm just really pleased with my actual group—Rachel, Amy, Keiler, and Abby—because I love my friends and all but sometimes I get irritated with always being stuck with "the band kids." I knew it was going to happen, but I sort of hate being stereotyped that way. on a related note, I really wish I'd done newspaper the last four years, it would've helped me in so many ways :/

also [livejournal.com profile] chagrinning is like the first comm I've found with decent SHINee fic, asklnglksda.
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lol no. I eat what I want when I want to, which is why I have weight issues. AND YET.

today was a really irritating day. Mic was messing around and poking or tickling me or smth and made me scratch my arm with my star ring :| it hurts. I also have approximately 8 million things to do this weekend. plus I'm sick! ugh fml.

PS Aki needs to just never stop being blonde. unf that boy.

EDIT: wow Washington & Lee just sent me a letter telling me that I'm being considered for a scholarship that would pay for tuition, room, and board (at minimum), plus they're waiving my application fee. score.

EDIT2: OMG SHADEE IS SO CUTE. she just sent me and Kevin an email about the clarinets having a section lunch tomorrow after the parade and was all ^_^ through the entire thing. ilhsfm ♥


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