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I am so incredibly ready to move the fuck out. I like my mom and my sister well enough but I cannot stand living with either of them.

also CAS is due March 16th and I am like -10 hours in Service, which is better than I thought, but still a bit worrisome.

this article about contraceptives is interesting and reflects pretty much my exact reaction to Yaz.
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......what the fuck I got one of those two-bite brownies out but I thought I'd eaten it but then I was sitting here all "huh, it smells like brownie" and it's right next to me. nomnomnom

I don't really have anything to say except that I really like things that are...polished is probably the best word for it. like magazines and music videos and electronic music (autotune (when used for effect and not as a correction) is one of my favorite sounds ever) that's really glossy and smooth. I like rougher things too, but it isn't always as appealing.

I really need to go bra shopping.

when was the last time you looked up?
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lol you guys they are so presh. Taec at 2:09 is hilarious.

I kind of want to rename, but I don't know what I want to change to.

/updates journal like ten minutes before leaving ;; also I think my makeup came out well today :> and I want a perfume that smells like baby powder, mint, and cigarette smoke.

and to the internet I say:
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god I hate MTV shows.

did my oral commentary today and got the last 40ish lines of Joyce's "The Dead" and was like DDDD: at first but then realized as I was going along that hey, I might actually be able to pull this off! and then I did omg. at least, I got 10+ minutes (probably more like 11-12) and Stoner said I was a "very articulate young lady" lol. my organization sucked, as usual, and I should have been more formal, but overall? I am cautiously optimistic. also Nies should stay in his room, I need to do my EE follow-up :|

we had a TOK discussion that ended up being more like a group therapy session lol. it was great. Evans asked what we regretted about high school and I said I regretted not doing newspaper (which I really really do) and he said that there would be some openings next semester on 2-2, so I've figured out my schedule! I just have to talk to Miosi about it now. although I almost started crying when he asked if we would take advantage of going to college and having hardly anyone know us (i.e. would we reinvent ourselves) because I was thinking about how I'd like to present myself much differently and idek, it just made me tear up :/ and then Mic asked me if I was okay and I seriously can't tell if I am that transparent and nobody else cares (more likely, at least the first half, I am bad at being subtle lol) or if he is just crazy observant or something.

we might have a Gatsby prom! and so cute omg
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gdi you guys why is it snowing :| I hate snow sfm. like it's pretty to look at but I do not want to deal with it. (then again, if too much snow -> no Seattle? which isn't really what I want but you know :/)

Avatar party was kind of amazing omg. I forgot how much I love that series, especially all the self-parody. my all-time favorite episodes are officially "The Cave of Two Lovers" ("AND DIIIIIIIIIIIIIE"), "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" (date!Zuko, omg I loved that girl, but Iroh's made me cry :[ ), "The Beach" (I don't understand this episode), and "The Ember Island Players" ("you sicken me"). and it's really just such an awesome, clever show, I love it. we stayed up until somewhere between 1:30-2:30 watching it and then switched to Into The Inferno and played that for 3 1/2 hours and then just dicked around on Wii for a while. plus now we have like a million inside jokes hahahaha. ("they're ruthless. they killed my mother. my mother." "wait, so I'm the last airbender? like the last one ever? you're sure there's no one else at all?") good times.

[livejournal.com profile] diorbaby: let me just say that i find it endlessly amusing that kyuhyun lets zhou mi call him something that he doesn't even consider his mandarin name.
[livejournal.com profile] lexithymia: lol what does he say it is?
[livejournal.com profile] diorbaby: gui xien or something like that. and this is kyuhyun and approximately everyone else in china. but zhou mi is a special snowflake and he does what he wants where kyuhyun is concerned. and kyuhyun lets him.
[livejournal.com profile] lexithymia: then again I sort of doubt mimi would listen to him anyway.
[livejournal.com profile] diorbaby: i think that's probably what happened. because kyuhyun introduces himself as gui xien. but mimi is still all KUI XIANNNN~
[livejournal.com profile] lexithymia: lol their first meeting.
kyu: hi, I'm kyuhyun.
mi: kui xian?
kyu: um, gui xien.
mi: kui xian :D
kyu: .....gui xien.
mi: kui xian!!!
kyu: wtf *gui xien*
mi: KUI XIAN <3
kyu: .................fml
[livejournal.com profile] diorbaby: lmaolmaolmaolmao omg
[livejournal.com profile] lexithymia: :D
[livejournal.com profile] diorbaby: that is totally what happened

god I am so fucked for school D: also ughhhhh scrobble, last.fm!
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obligatory Merry Christmas post! I hope you're all having a good day whether or not you're celebrating anything :)

as for me, my presents this year were...okay. nothing that made me super happy, but it wasn't bad or anything. I got a new hoodie from Zumiez that I'm going to have to exchange (it was bright purple and lined with this purple fuzzy stuff that I was a bit ...wtf over), and these ModCloth things. keeping the cardigan and the necklace, but the tunic is just...no. it's one of those things where it looks gross if you have any fat whatsoever because it's super clingy. plus the back is too low to wear a bra with it, which is a very bad thing for me :/ too bad, because I really like the pattern and the color.
and we got our Wii~ it's sort of boring right now because all we have is Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports, and Wii Play, but we're going to go rent some games tomorrow and try them out I think.

anyway. /materialism. saw Sherlock Holmes; it felt really long fsr but it was pretty good. I don't think I'd go and see it in theaters again but I definitely want to get it when it comes out on DVD.

also can someone please explain to me Changmin's "silent protest"? what is he protesting, idgi :/
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44. Things That Cannot Be Compared

     Summer and winter. Night and day. Rain and sunshine. Youth and age. A person's laughter and his anger. Black and white. Love and hatred. The little indigo plant and the great philodendron. Rain and mist.
     When one has stopped loving somebody, one feels that he has become someone else, even though he is still the same person.
     In a garden full of evergreens the crows are all asleep. Then, towards the middle of the night, the crows in one of the trees suddenly wake up in a great flurry and start flapping about. Their unrest spreads to the other trees, and soon all the birds have been startled from their sleep and are cawing in alarm. How different from the same crows in daytime!

45. To Meet One's Lover

     To meet one's lover summer is indeed the right season. True, the nights are very short, and dawn creeps up before one has had a wink of sleep. Since all the lattices have been left open, one can lie and look out at the garden in the cool morning air. There are still a few endearments to exchange before the man takes his leave, and the lovers are murmuring to each other when suddenly there is a loud noise. For a moment they are certain they have been discovered; but it is only the caw of a crow flying past in the garden.
     In the winter, when it is very cold and one lies buried under the bedclothes listening to one's lover's endearments, it is delightful to hear the booming of a temple gong, which seems to come from the bottom of a deep well. The first cry of the birds, whose beaks are still tucked under their wings, is also strange and muffled. Then one bird after another takes up the call. How pleasant it is to lie there listening as the sound becomes clearer and clearer!

johncmayer: For one week, no texting, no Twitter, email only from computer and cell phone for calls ONLY. Could you do it?
johncmayer: Consider trying it with me. January 1-8. Let's get our minds out of the Matrix and see what it's like. Stay tuned...
I am interested.
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1) Ninja Assassin was pretty epic. I have to say that I don't understand why chop-em-up pure-entertainment action films always seem to feel the need to have a deeper meaning but it was fun all the same. even though Ashkaun doesn't know wtf he's talking about and should really just let me direct him places. also brief spoilery rant ) rawr.

2) does anyone have/know where I could get a download of the SHINee calendar? my internet pretty much refuses to load a bunch of large images (it just turns gray halfway through) and given how !!!!! everyone seems to be about them I would like to see it. STARES AT MEGAN

3) god I keep signing up on like every internet site out there. I just (re-)registered on last.fm, check me out? lol all this stuff is so self-centered.

4) fuck why don't I ever remember what I was planning to post.
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16. Things That Make One's Heart Beat Faster

     Sparrows feeding their young. To pass a place where babies are playing. To sleep in a room where some fine incense has been burnt. To notice that one's elegant Chinese mirror has become a little cloudy. To see a gentleman stop his carriage before one's gate and instruct his attendants to announce his arrival. To wash one's hair, make one's toilet, and put on scented robes; even if not a soul sees one, these preparations still produce an inner pleasure.
     It is night, and one is expecting a visitor. Suddenly one is startled by the sound of rain-drops, which the wind blows against the shutters.
清少納言 - 枕草子 (Sei Shōnagon - The Pillow Book)

so I got a formspring. I'm going to do my best to be really honest with it (but no promises lol).

also I am just in love with this woman's photos.
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when I saw this I literally went "hoooooooly shiiiiiiiit DO WANT." they would look gorgeous with this pair of back seam tights that have disappeared off MC :[ something like this except more pink, which made them look more sweet than trashy, if that makes sense. seeing shit like this makes me want to lose weight (and yet I spent all day today eating fudge, damn you holiday baking season!). but apparently mom got the ~special version of Wii Fit or something, so I know what I'll be doing over the break lol.

somebody brought up today that this is our last winter break (as high schoolers)—I keep getting these little reminders that I'm not going to be here next year, and it's a really bizarre feeling. I can't wait to get out of high school but I'm also so apprehensive about college, especially given how behind I am in everything.... but I guess we'll see what happens.

and Zhou Mi is so elegant. he's got a really (aristocratic? is that the word I'm looking for?) profile and legs for daaaaaaaaaaaays omg I am such a sucker for long legs ;;

it's really depressing to realize someone doesn't like/trust you nearly as much as you do them.
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just as a random note I now have a listography and a tumblr (links in the sidebar), which I will hopefully be using more than my LJ because I feel like I post too much random shit that nobody cares about here. so yeah. I haven't/won't be disappearing or anything.

also I have been listening to "Butterfly Caught" by Massive Attack on repeat and it's sort of making me want to cry. the music video is intense. the makeup in it makes me giddy though, I love shit like that. (like in X2, Nightcrawler's scarification? yeah.)
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for Christmas and it isn't official yet but omg I want one so bad. actually I just want Wii Fit because omg that is so addicting.

and uh anyway. shit idk what I was going to say now. um tok presentation is going well? I just don't want to memorize the list religion (aka buddhism) because wtfffff so. much. stuff. also why is mollee still on sytycd :| and why is she paired with nathan, he is so awesome and adorable :|||

and! I feel like I've been an absolutely horrible lj friend lately—I usually just check my flist on my phone, which means it's a bitch and a half to comment on anything, and by the time I read it again on my computer I can't think of anything to say—so I am taking a page out of [livejournal.com profile] czarny's book and doing a reverse friends cut. which basically means that if you want to take me off your flist, go ahead, I won't mind or be offended or whatever. and really this applies at any time, although if you're going to just randomly do it, I'd appreciate an explanation? but idk, idc, whatever.
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book meme )

also I really want to see this movie and I randomly stumbled across this and now I'm really sore from laughing so much :/ I can't breathe too deeply or I start coughing, and god knows my shoulders are too tense even when I'm healthy (or rather less sick).

EDIT: lol Ashkaun. even though he apparently didn't write it.
and now, a haiku. "What's happening, toots? / I will wink and smile at you / make me a sammich."
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my mom is stuck in Cleveland. that sort of makes me laugh, ngl.

also I had the fucking weirdest dream I've ever had (to my memory) last night. it involved Molly dating Orlando Bloom and Jack Nicholson in TDK!Joker makeup and a bird smashing a dog's head in. very creepy. not excited to sleep tonight.

Amadeus party tomorrow!
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wtf when did I become such a freaking sappy romantic person. I am blaming it on my hormones.

I am also blaming me almost crying today on my hormones. but um. also I was reading more about Wellesley today and I want to go there so badly. and fuck, idk if my fee will be waived if I do Early Decision, I am having so many second thoughts.

and um if anyone ever played me Kate Nash's "Birds" I'm pretty sure I would just burst into tears and marry them right then and there because that song is so so sweet and pretty and I don't even know. I am delirious and incoherent and really pointless right now :/

fucking hell first competition is this weekend wtffffff

also filling out the Common App is stressing me out. fuck it, I'm saving it until Mom comes home.
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☑ able to approximate tempo of all three movements within ±10 bpm
☑ loled at how stupid various commercials are
☑ told Rachel the story of Jo White

PS we lost to McKay last night 20-23.
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wtf iltsfm.

I had a dream last night about being in the zoo, in the Pacific Northwest (or whatever) exhibit with Mic and...other people and stuff happened and we were being chased by these really vicious cat-things called "beavats" and it was terrifying and there was much running but what makes this post-worthy is the fact that I had a semi-lucid dream. I say semi-lucid because all of a sudden, right when the cats were going to catch us, I went, "wait, I'm dreaming!" and decided that bubbles would suddenly appear and they'd love them and start chasing after them (which happened, but then fsr I went back to not being lucid again). but I realized I was dreaming because I thought, "one of my eyes is partly open, and I can see the desk in my office and my fishbowl."

I don't have an office, much less a fish. so basically I realized I was dreaming because I saw part of another dream. this is really bizarre to me.

all the Jay drama is making me really sad :[ I'm going to go watch Dirty Eyed Girls to make myself feel better.

also this is TOTALLY RANDOM but HI GINNY :DDDDDD I went "eeeeee!!" when the notification that you'd just friended me popped up.
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𝄆 I woke up in a really good mood this morning fsr. maybe I'll actually be productive today! 𝄇

𝄆 omg just checked my flist and a) La chA Ta (or wtfever it is) is out!, b) the video of TOP's ELLE shoot is out! (lol Chansung better watch his back), c) Kumi's "Physical Thing" PV is out!, and d) new chapter of "Fingertips"! lol I have so much to do this morning, il it. 𝄇

𝄆 why is SM like the worst company out there, it made me so sad to read the MTV Iggy thing :/ I'm listening to all the SHINee music I have on repeat (and using a fantastic SHINee icon!) to make myself feel better. 𝄇

𝄆 GSA meeting yesterday was about as productive as they usually are; more to the point, post-meeting Chahles, D'say, Leron, Austin, and I sat around and told dead baby jokes for two hours went and saw HP6! (we tried to text/call/etc. Katie/Emma/Keira and let them know that we were sticking around until 7:20, but no luck.) that movie owns me so hard omg. D'say and I need to watch more movies together, we had the same thoughts at everything. (HP: he killed my parents, sir. US: ......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA) 𝄇

𝄆 speaking of D'say, I feel like I'm going to be crushing on her again this year, WHY AM I LIKE THIS :( she's just so awesome and adorable and I want to cuddle her forever. 𝄇

𝄆 um. fuck, I had something else to say but idr it now. 𝄇


𝄆 hey does anyone know where this picture is from? I love his long hair but I can never figure out where any of the pictures come from :( 𝄇


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