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oh god i can't think of what to put here )
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  • my dog sneezed on my laptop yesterday and now the screen is all covered in little dots and i'm not entirely sure how to get it off (note to self to google this)

  • over the past half hour i have somehow gotten sick, so that now i have a headache and my sinuses are all gross, like i have water up my nose or something

  • i ran out of chapstick in the oakland airport and have to wait until i get back to school tonight to get more, so my lips feel fucking awful

  • last night i had the worst stomachache, like cramps + having eaten too much, except i didn't eat much at all yesterday so idk

  • serenades is on friday and i am so not fucking ready

  • this week of spring break felt more like a month, which means i have all but forgotten how to do schoolwork

  • i have a symbolic logic midterm on thursday

  • my hideaway dress is at school but i can't get it until tomorrow and i am so nervous about how it'll look on me

  • so much writing to do, so little time

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i was going to make this whole long post about what i think about each of my classes, but then i realized i don't care enough so here is the quick and dirty version:

obligatory lj-cut )

that's all.
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another one of those posts where i just figure out my schedule )

i'm going to go make tea.
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ᴥ beach trip was fun and spawned multiple inside jokes, at least two of which can be found on Facebook.

ᴥ I seriously feel like last summer was only about two months ago. I can't believe I went through an entire year of school, and my last year, too. it's all very weird.

ᴥ I have been waking up 6-6:30 every morning (going to bed 11-12) and I really don't like it. I feel really sleepy and unmotivated, and everything hurts.

ᴥ the unmotivated part is a problem, because I really need to be Doing Things, and there are a lot of things that I could do that I'm just...not :/

ᴥ also, I am 5-10 lbs. more than I normally am :/ (my weight tends to fluctuate between 121-126, and I'm currently about 131.) this is mostly due to all the grad parties (so. much. barbecue.) but also because, for some reason, in late May/early June I just kept ending up at places without much healthy food, like restaurants where I'd go on occasion but all in a row. idk. but so I need to get back on the exercise wagon.

ᴥ I bought this book when I was in Seattle last weekend (which just happened to be an autographed copy, so I got a free broadside :o) and highly recommend it. (you can see a brief excerpt here.) I think I'm going to send a link to Sensei or smth, he'd love it.

ᴥ this bullet point thing seriously reminds me of that one blue Pokemon that looks like a Weeble-Wobble with legs.

ᴥ I'm in that weird place that I go to every summer where I spend too much time indoors and really want to get out of the house, but every time an opportunity to do so comes up, I end up going "...I think I'll just stay home :/" I wish I didn't do this.

ᴥ I have been spending waaaay too much time on Tumblr. it is a sickness.

ᴥ damn my face is oily right now.

ᴥ how are you, flist?
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Sharing is Caring: for one week, recommend/share:
Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic

Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

I have been addicted to Pacxon lately. it's this remake of Pac-Man where you try and cover up 80% of the board and I cannot get past level 12 asgfdslk >:|

❀ it's [livejournal.com profile] diorbaby's birthday!!! :DDD ilu rachelface~~~~ (and Aki's birthday is tomorrow, two of my favorite people were born right in a row! and then Chansung on the 11th and Changmin on the 18th and Jake on the somethingth and Katie on the 20th and Zack on the 22nd...everyone cool was born this month lol.)

❀ shit hit the fan today in English :/ I was originally really frustrated and upset but now I just feel really bad and I don't blame Stoner for acting the way he did. I know I've said that I hate this but I honestly don't really want to talk about it. I'm emailing him and apologizing and then I'm moving on.

❀ ...so I'm pretty sure the FAFSA said that my family only has to pay about $6500 towards college (and I didn't see anything about student loans or work-study or anything). either the government is really generous with single mothers or we are a lot poorer than I thought.

❀ I feel really strange right now.
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☑ able to approximate tempo of all three movements within ±10 bpm
☑ loled at how stupid various commercials are
☑ told Rachel the story of Jo White

PS we lost to McKay last night 20-23.
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𝄆 I woke up in a really good mood this morning fsr. maybe I'll actually be productive today! 𝄇

𝄆 omg just checked my flist and a) La chA Ta (or wtfever it is) is out!, b) the video of TOP's ELLE shoot is out! (lol Chansung better watch his back), c) Kumi's "Physical Thing" PV is out!, and d) new chapter of "Fingertips"! lol I have so much to do this morning, il it. 𝄇

𝄆 why is SM like the worst company out there, it made me so sad to read the MTV Iggy thing :/ I'm listening to all the SHINee music I have on repeat (and using a fantastic SHINee icon!) to make myself feel better. 𝄇

𝄆 GSA meeting yesterday was about as productive as they usually are; more to the point, post-meeting Chahles, D'say, Leron, Austin, and I sat around and told dead baby jokes for two hours went and saw HP6! (we tried to text/call/etc. Katie/Emma/Keira and let them know that we were sticking around until 7:20, but no luck.) that movie owns me so hard omg. D'say and I need to watch more movies together, we had the same thoughts at everything. (HP: he killed my parents, sir. US: ......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA) 𝄇

𝄆 speaking of D'say, I feel like I'm going to be crushing on her again this year, WHY AM I LIKE THIS :( she's just so awesome and adorable and I want to cuddle her forever. 𝄇

𝄆 um. fuck, I had something else to say but idr it now. 𝄇


𝄆 hey does anyone know where this picture is from? I love his long hair but I can never figure out where any of the pictures come from :( 𝄇
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ↂ band camp is over!!! we actually have the entire opener and like half the ballad on the field and it's pretty damn good. I got the warm fuzzies after our parent performance haha. I'm worried about not having the met on during the ballad though, the band always slows down and wants to make it all pretty like a concert when they need to keep their feet going at 90/180. then again, we're only two weeks into the season, so I'm pretty optimistic.

[livejournal.com profile] exceptindreams has been posting some really amazing poems lately. my favorites are You're Beautiful/The Shout (Simon Armitage), The Vanishings (Stephen Dunn), You Fit Into Me (Margaret Atwood), For Strong Women (Marge Piercy), and This Be The Verse (Philip Larkin), although really they've all been exceptionally good.


ↂ I don't want to go to Seattle this weekend :/ Claire should hitchhike home.

ↂ I want to cut my hair super short (like boy-short but a little...longer on top? idk, I'll have to figure it out) but I want to lose weight around my face first, it looks so much better on people with delicate features and mine are...not so much. :///

I.....want to go through my icons and change all the names of everything >_> like DBSK ⟶ 동방신기 and etc. I'll have to go through and change all the icons on my entries though, sigh. ugh nvm too lazy

ↂ ten points to the first person who accurately guesses (/knows) what this bullet point actually is.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

probably not an organ, but I've often thought that I'd rather donate bone marrow than blood. idk why really, giving blood just seems more unpleasant to me.

in other news:
⟶ I will just...never get over the Abracadabra MV. twenty years from now I will watch it and be all AKSLNGLSADK HOLY FUCK. (...speaking of, did Dirty Eyed Girls come out while I was gone last week? you guys have to keep me updated on fandom, I don't have time to check my full flist. EDIT: EEEEEE JUST CHECKED MY FLIST AND IT'S OUT EEEEEEEEEEEEEE)
⟶ I've been reading everyone's journals, I just don't have time to comment (especially since my phone is crap about that sort of thing). I promise I don't hate you, I just can't do it right now.
⟶ I totally forgot everything I was going to say in this entry bawwwwwww
EDIT2: hahahahahahahaha weeaboo pickup lines. baby if I could rearrange the hiragana alphabet I'd put ゆ [yu] and み [mi] together. does liking that so much make me a loser? do I care?
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Things I Learned Today:
• Chahles is very susceptible to surprise parties
• electronica is good for calming my anxiety
• I should learn to read bus directions properly
• carrots are fucking delicious
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what I had planned to do this week:
• clean my room
• practice bass
• nap in the sun
• read House Of The Spirits (+hw, which is really simple) and Pride And Prejudice And Zombies
• do the 10-page bio packet that I had FORGOTTEN ABOUT ENTIRELY until two weeks ago (fml)
• practice conducting
• generally relax and prepare myself for band camp and, eventually school

what I will be doing this week:
• playing Sims 3

seriously it is SO ADDICTING and super customizable. my Sim looks so much like me it's scary (only she's thinner and better at guitar read: she can play guitar very well whereas I have had my bass for a year and can't do shit with it). so if you don't see me around much this week, blame EA Games :|
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᠅ I'm home!

᠅ I swear MIDIval PunditZ change the way they spell their name on a daily basis. JUST TO FUCK WITH ME :| (I'll give google the benefit of the doubt on "midivil punditz" and assume I just misread it to begin with, but where did this capital z come from?!)

᠅ the control key on my dad's computer was like three keys away from the one on my computer, so I keep hitting the wrong one and being all D< at it not working.

᠅ Claire and I were super excited to play Sims 3 as soon as we got home...and then we found out that it requires OSX 10.5.7 and we have 10.5.1 :| and it'll take approximately seven hours to upgrade to 10.5.8 ughhhhhhh.

᠅ I'm hungry and I don't want to go hiking tomorrow. think I'll beg off since I've been sick the past week or so.

᠅ this is the symbol for the "Mongolian four dots" (whatever that is).
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※ the guy in the Vonage advertisement on the side of the screen looks kind of like Ali wtf
※ we are going to go see 500 Days Of Summer at 2:something. I don't want to go :/ partly because I'm fucking exhausted (stupid pms, this is my least favorite part), but mostly because I've been really tired lately of romantic movies. I want to go see Public Enemies, I've been much more into action (and comedy) lately. it's probably also because it is about ~indie music~ so of course my sister wants to go see it, and really that whole scene is starting to bother me just because she's so pretentious about it. I'm not impressed by your whiny boys bb (and I'm not going to feel bad about listening to music that, while it is pretty crap musically speaking, makes me really happy).
※ FOR K-FANDOM FRIENDS: so there's apparently a gay Korean porn star named J. Park.
※ Monty Python is always more hilarious than I remember.
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1. I FOUND MY CAMERA \O/ I'm sort of proud since it was in a place that would've taken me another month or two to find if I hadn't thought of it last night, but I also feel stupid because it should have never been lost in the first place :| now I just need to find the cord for the computer

2. question: what exactly does "a jury of their peers" refer to? like similar age, race, socio-economic status, what?

3. haircut @ 10; plane @ 4:50. will be in CA until the 8th.

4. I'M MISSING THE SYTYCD FINALE :((( maybe we'll be able to watch it at my dad's? idk.

5. I need to be better at typing.
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჻ new custom layout from [livejournal.com profile] kill_brainz!
჻ lots of new userpics!
჻ I'm probably going to change my profile soon to explain what the fuck my lj name means!
჻ this is a Georgian paragraph separator!
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asgklnsdgasg except Rachel made me all sad by pointing out that Heechul looks like he's been crying :((((((
❧ is anybody planning to go to Woodstock today? I kind of want to but I don't want to go with just my mom (+Claire?) and her friend :/ I think we're heading over at about 3pm if anyone's going to be there....
❧ note to self to download Sigur Rós' discography at some point specifically ( ), I need more instrumental music
❧ ...goddammit I actually have nothing to say.


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