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i am exhausted and i still smell like campfire and i will make a legit post about the past few days once i have photos, but for right now i just want to share this with you all.

also suits continues to be my favorite show, let's talk about how great the last episode was.
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om. nom. nom.
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ohh awkward quasi-sexual tension is awkward.
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going to bed instead of doing the mountain of homework I have due in each class tomorrow. will regret this in the morning but oh well. woo senioritis!

ttfn bbs
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earlier today I tweeted (god I hate saying that) that I hate high school, and my mom just asked me why. I was like a) because it sucks and b) since when do you care? she's started this thing of trying to ~relate to me and I'm just like yeah you kind of missed the boat on that one.
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due Monday
- backstage article (totally fucked for this)
- through Part 2 of Beloved
due Tuesday

- Japanese oral (written version)
- Genesis patriarchs
- DID essay
- plant biology packet

within next two weeks
- blush (via sephora): $10
- photo paper (via Claire): $6
- photo lab fee (via mom?): $20
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I am in such a ridiculously good mood.
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apparently once I move out my mom and sister are becoming Presbyterian. I was like ........okay?
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so boreddddd
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I feel like surrounding myself with beautiful things.
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my ultimate modcloth wishlist, so pretty much irrelevant to anyone else lol )

also I really want to get this from B&N because I have a giftcard that would work for it but I would probably never use it :/

I have an alumni interview with UChicago! and I don't even have to look nice for it! woohoo!
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hooooooooooooly shit I want this. also these. even though I never wear that sort of stuff, sigh.

also Natalie Portman is way too hot jfc.

GOD ONE DAY I WILL MAKE A PROPER UPDATE AND IT WILL BE SUPER DEEP AND SHIT. but for now I will make random ones like this.

also, for Katie: this is what I was briefly telling you and Hana about today.

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I have a whole entry in my head but I don't have time to write it out right now so I just want to quickly rec this series (even though it doesn't say it's a series it's actually like twenty fics long wtf) and omg I love the Star Trek 2009 fandom ♥
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oh my god i am so fucked
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am currently en route to johnny rockets while listening to gossip and cocorosie, which is awesome. but really I'm just posting this to officially declare my undying love for twitterfic and the star trek 2009 fandom.
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I don't feel well :/
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ugh I really want to do the musical but I can't dance/sing/act for shit (and god knows I'd be too embarrassed to anyway), but I don't really want to do crew either :\ I should be the department mascot or something, idek.
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I really have nothing to say except that I am in love with these songs. or, er, both versions of this song.

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Ellen DeGeneres is fucking amazing and I am craving mashed potatoes. and apparently accompanying Jake to Ava tomorrow morning because he's never been, so feel free to show up? and um Pomona and Vassar are definitely off my list, but Quest and Wellesley are definitely still on.


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