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I recently found all my old photos (finally x_x), and I realized that I have printed this probably close to seven times, all in different sizes and with different effects. while it's not my favorite of all the pictures I've taken, it's definitely up there.
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pretty much every high schooler I know wants to take Home Ec.
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Sharing is Caring: for one week, recommend/share:
Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic

Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

I have been addicted to Pacxon lately. it's this remake of Pac-Man where you try and cover up 80% of the board and I cannot get past level 12 asgfdslk >:|

❀ it's [livejournal.com profile] diorbaby's birthday!!! :DDD ilu rachelface~~~~ (and Aki's birthday is tomorrow, two of my favorite people were born right in a row! and then Chansung on the 11th and Changmin on the 18th and Jake on the somethingth and Katie on the 20th and Zack on the 22nd...everyone cool was born this month lol.)

❀ shit hit the fan today in English :/ I was originally really frustrated and upset but now I just feel really bad and I don't blame Stoner for acting the way he did. I know I've said that I hate this but I honestly don't really want to talk about it. I'm emailing him and apologizing and then I'm moving on.

❀ ...so I'm pretty sure the FAFSA said that my family only has to pay about $6500 towards college (and I didn't see anything about student loans or work-study or anything). either the government is really generous with single mothers or we are a lot poorer than I thought.

❀ I feel really strange right now.
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god I hate MTV shows.

did my oral commentary today and got the last 40ish lines of Joyce's "The Dead" and was like DDDD: at first but then realized as I was going along that hey, I might actually be able to pull this off! and then I did omg. at least, I got 10+ minutes (probably more like 11-12) and Stoner said I was a "very articulate young lady" lol. my organization sucked, as usual, and I should have been more formal, but overall? I am cautiously optimistic. also Nies should stay in his room, I need to do my EE follow-up :|

we had a TOK discussion that ended up being more like a group therapy session lol. it was great. Evans asked what we regretted about high school and I said I regretted not doing newspaper (which I really really do) and he said that there would be some openings next semester on 2-2, so I've figured out my schedule! I just have to talk to Miosi about it now. although I almost started crying when he asked if we would take advantage of going to college and having hardly anyone know us (i.e. would we reinvent ourselves) because I was thinking about how I'd like to present myself much differently and idek, it just made me tear up :/ and then Mic asked me if I was okay and I seriously can't tell if I am that transparent and nobody else cares (more likely, at least the first half, I am bad at being subtle lol) or if he is just crazy observant or something.

we might have a Gatsby prom! and so cute omg
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1) omg new favorite

2) I'm trying not to get my hopes up ;_;

3) all the paranormal shows are so incredibly ridiculous, I love it.

4) summary of today's Japanese class:
SENSEI: so how do you all like high school?
STUDENTS: eh, it's okay.
SENSEI: what don't you like about it?
STUDENTS: homework, tests, bad teachers, etc.
SENSEI: what do you like about it?
STUDENTS: hanging out with friends
STUDENTS: .....what

SENSEI: Yuuta-san, will you translate this for us?
YUUTA: uhhh...Hana help me D: make sure you...use a lot of canjee
lol we're so great.
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fml I really do not want to do this )

the sad part is that this is all fairly basic stuff AND I CAN'T DO IT.

EDIT: translations, if anyone cares )

oh Japanese ;;
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when I saw this I literally went "hoooooooly shiiiiiiiit DO WANT." they would look gorgeous with this pair of back seam tights that have disappeared off MC :[ something like this except more pink, which made them look more sweet than trashy, if that makes sense. seeing shit like this makes me want to lose weight (and yet I spent all day today eating fudge, damn you holiday baking season!). but apparently mom got the ~special version of Wii Fit or something, so I know what I'll be doing over the break lol.

somebody brought up today that this is our last winter break (as high schoolers)—I keep getting these little reminders that I'm not going to be here next year, and it's a really bizarre feeling. I can't wait to get out of high school but I'm also so apprehensive about college, especially given how behind I am in everything.... but I guess we'll see what happens.

and Zhou Mi is so elegant. he's got a really (aristocratic? is that the word I'm looking for?) profile and legs for daaaaaaaaaaaays omg I am such a sucker for long legs ;;

it's really depressing to realize someone doesn't like/trust you nearly as much as you do them.
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oh god I am so fucked for everything.

also I realized last night that maybe the reason I've been so exhausted so early lately is because I haven't eaten dinner in I-don't-know-how-long :/
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omg the fantastic elastic part is so perfect jskglds

um today was a really good day. went to ava (and finished my choice roll on the way!), developed film, did a fairly decent commentary, and gave 40min presentation! thank god that's done. now I just have to do college/scholarships and my psych experiment BUT I AM IGNORING THAT BECAUSE FREE TIME WHEEEEEE ALSO BEACH TRIP OVER THE WEEKEND! haha right now it is me and Ashleigh + 6 boys (and Jake's parents to ~supervise) so that'll be interesting. although slightly :/ because we can't fit everyone in Andrew's car (I think) so some of us will be riding with the adults. some of us here meaning me and Zach because they know him and it'd be awkward with anyone else, although Leron's also volunteered.

ANYWAY WHATEVER NOBODY CARES. the point is that I am enjoying life right now :D

oh also: I talked to Molly today (er about other things too) and our conversation was basically
Molly: dude your dreams are fucked up.
me: I KNOW D:
Molly: I'm going to bring my giantass book in so we can try and figure it out
me: aksgln thank you D:

did I tell you all about my last scary dream? yeah apparently my subconscious is obsessed with birds killing/being killed :|
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oh my god i am so fucked
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ugh I really want to do the musical but I can't dance/sing/act for shit (and god knows I'd be too embarrassed to anyway), but I don't really want to do crew either :\ I should be the department mascot or something, idek.
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my Japanese speech, ugh fml )


Nov. 2nd, 2009 09:22 am
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Marie A writes:
I'm staying home sick today; Ally will be going around and getting my homework, but is there anything else I can do to make sure I'm not behind for next class? Thank you :)

M Hottmann writes:
We'll be doing mostly presentations today. You'll have a poem for homework to write on...Also, the class as a whole did terrible on the quiz so I'm about to scold them...You, however, scored a 36. That will be an A with the curve. Good work.

and I didn't even read the Iliad.

this is why I love Scantron :D
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sigh. I'm really tired of being so bored and lazy and anxious all the time. like right now I should be working on my college essays and I want to be working on my college essays but I can't make myself get up and do it. I don't know if this makes me depressed or a normal teenager; honestly I can't remember being any other way :/
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I made a whole entry about my upcoming week and how I am so incredibly fucked for everything and etc. but LJ ate it :[ so to sum up: mom gone Mon-Thurs, TOK presentation Weds, dad here Fri-Sun, SRHS Spectacular (@Hillsboro) Saturday, EE due next Mon. WOOHOO.

also I'm completely blocked on my love songs mix (I have all the songs, and I know the ending and the beginning, but I can't figure out what goes in between D: ) and addicted to polyvore (thanks [livejournal.com profile] sunshineyes :| ) and this article pinpointed exactly what bothers me so much about Taylor Swift as well as echoing pretty much everything I've ever said about Miley Cyrus.

PS why am I so cold all the time :[ does poor circulation account for everything, or just how my hands and feet are constantly freezing? (idk what else it could be though, it isn't like I have a shortage of fat :| )
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today's surprisingly good musical transitions (two-for-one special!):
Lover I Don't Have To Love // Bright Eyes ⟶ Chelsea Smile // Bring Me The Horizon
Weightless // All Time Low ⟶ Fuck The Pain Away // Peaches
I realized shuffle was turned off after the first one haha.

also I knew Evans would be teaching Film Lit this year but of course it'd be at the same time as Bio, fuck my life

Chansung has such a pretty smile :(
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oh my god I am going home tomorrow wtf is this D: I don't want to go home because that means I have a week until band camp which means that there's only 4 weeks left until school starts and oh my god I am so fucking fucked I hate my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cannot fucking wait until I am in college :(

possibly going to see Karsh Kale today apparently? idk, will update if it's any good.

PS what's that one journal that has all the fantastic dbsk ufo icons? I can never refind it :[ nvm I found it :D


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