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I am so incredibly ready to move the fuck out. I like my mom and my sister well enough but I cannot stand living with either of them.

also CAS is due March 16th and I am like -10 hours in Service, which is better than I thought, but still a bit worrisome.

this article about contraceptives is interesting and reflects pretty much my exact reaction to Yaz.
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for Christmas and it isn't official yet but omg I want one so bad. actually I just want Wii Fit because omg that is so addicting.

and uh anyway. shit idk what I was going to say now. um tok presentation is going well? I just don't want to memorize the list religion (aka buddhism) because wtfffff so. much. stuff. also why is mollee still on sytycd :| and why is she paired with nathan, he is so awesome and adorable :|||

and! I feel like I've been an absolutely horrible lj friend lately—I usually just check my flist on my phone, which means it's a bitch and a half to comment on anything, and by the time I read it again on my computer I can't think of anything to say—so I am taking a page out of [livejournal.com profile] czarny's book and doing a reverse friends cut. which basically means that if you want to take me off your flist, go ahead, I won't mind or be offended or whatever. and really this applies at any time, although if you're going to just randomly do it, I'd appreciate an explanation? but idk, idc, whatever.
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my sister is so incredibly stupid sometimes that it boggles my mind. like seriously I cannot even do anything but laugh at her right now and go "wow, you just completely lost that battle." bitch.

also I dislike Key's bangs. the rest of it is cute, but his bangs are just...no.

PS this is totally hell week for IB D: SO BEHIND IN EVERYTHING FUCK MY LIFE. and I am sort of apprehensive about tomorrow, tra la la.
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EDIT: lmao Chahles this is like your life in a YouTube video.
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omg fuck my life I don't want to memorize this D: )

in other news, I rather like T.S. Eliot's "Sweeney Among The Nightingales" even though god knows I don't understand it. it's also the only poem of his that we've read that I actually enjoy. yay sex or something.

also my boobs are now named Law and Order.
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lmao I have so much love for Amber. I bet she was all LOOK KRYSTAL PEOPLE THINK WE'RE IN LOVE :D

also I am sort of super excited for the TOK chronicle-the-school project. my group is doing the drama department, which should be interesting as hell. plus I'm just really pleased with my actual group—Rachel, Amy, Keiler, and Abby—because I love my friends and all but sometimes I get irritated with always being stuck with "the band kids." I knew it was going to happen, but I sort of hate being stereotyped that way. on a related note, I really wish I'd done newspaper the last four years, it would've helped me in so many ways :/

also [livejournal.com profile] chagrinning is like the first comm I've found with decent SHINee fic, asklnglksda.
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have until midnight (~9hrs, more like ~7hrs with various activities subtracted) to write 1000+ words of interpretation. have few ideas and even less motivation.

have spent last hour looking for a new layout. will probably spend next hour changing my moodtheme.

am screwed.
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I'm rethinking applying Early Decision to Wellesley. I don't like the binding part of it :/ I mean, what if I get the W&L scholarship and also get into Wellesley? I'd rather go to WC, but I have to keep financial things in mind...idk, I feel like I should be discussing this with my mom, but I'm sort of uncomfortable doing it fsr. sigh.

also just thinking about my Extended Essay is making me super anxious. I should have talked to Nies over the summer, fuck my life.
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ugh I keep thinking about my Extended Essay and college applications and etc. and getting all nervous and anxious :/ I really wish I'd chosen a different topic, this isn't at all what I had originally envisioned. plus my psych essay sucks and turnitin is being bitchy, boo.
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I've never been to KFC (no wait, I've been twice. well, I avoid it as much as possible) or Wal-Mart as a sort of...avoidant protest against their policies. I'm currently also not buying any Coke products when I remember ;_; because their company is involved in some sort of...civil war? idk, I'm trying to find the post Katie made about it but having no luck.

also, can I just say that the Cassies' boycott of SM is pretty much the dumbest thing ever? there are better ways to do what you're trying to do, kids.

note to self to email Kioni.


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