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☑ able to approximate tempo of all three movements within ±10 bpm
☑ loled at how stupid various commercials are
☑ told Rachel the story of Jo White

PS we lost to McKay last night 20-23.
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why am I such fail all the time :/

also, for any/all fans of Firefly(/Serenity), I have a question: do you think Mal (or any of the characters, really, but he was who we were discussing today) is more liberal, conservative, or moderate? four of us argued liberal, but Tom (who is a staunch Republican) claimed that the Alliance is actually Democratic—they are "meddlers" after all, and they seek to bring everyone to "enlightenment," albeit via tyranny and thought control and etc.—and that Mal and the rest of the Browncoats are accordingly Republican. I know it's tempting to say he's liberal, given that that's what most (if not all) of my current flist is, but seriously, what are your arguments for/against each side?

/huge geek, ugh
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this is actually something I've thought about quite a lot (because I am a huge dork and tend to get philosophical about everything, you see), and I have to say that the scrutiny we place on the personal lives of celebrities really bothers me. you do have to give up your privacy to some extent, and I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing—for example, I imagine it's hard to be (hugely) hypocritical when you're constantly in the public eye. on the other hand, I have absolutely no doubt that the pressure to be exactly who you say you are all the time is why so many celebrities are messed up; everyone needs an escape sometimes, right?

tl;dr, includes some views on kpop )

...I feel like that should have been some sort of formal essay :| one of these days I will learn to express myself in two sentences or less.

in other news, Kyu's new hair isn't as bad as it looked on my phone, but I still wish he'd left it long :( also band camp starts tomorrow FML and I feel like a loser whenever I say band camp. there needs to be a less dorky name for it.

PS this girl is amazing
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it's sort of ridiculous how much I love this song. like I wouldn't be opposed to naming it my most favoritest song of all time. TMBG make me obnoxiously happy ♥ and for some reason "Particle Man" always reminds me of Chahles. specifically the part about Person Man. idk why ;;

PS Wild Bunny ep4 is literally the funniest thing I've seen in months. Jay is just like. amazing. and Chansung is hot like whoa. poor Taek, lol.
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so I've spent the last three and a half hours reading about fun things like homophobia, racism, and antifeminism :D thanks, [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes!

but the point of this post is to pimp out Harvard's Project Implicit, which is something that I find endlessly fascinating. basically, it tests your unconscious associations between various topics (i.e. church/state + bad/good) and tells you what those associations are. it's a good way to make sure you're not being hypocritical, although I have to caution you against getting defensive if you get a result that doesn't match what you thought of yourself. there are two options: Demonstration, which is just various tests that you can take without it contributing to their data; and Research, which requires you to be either 18+ or have a parental email (aka use a different email than the one you registered with), which obviously does add to their tests.

personally, I think all this is fascinating, and this is as much a mental note to myself as it is me trying to get other people involved in it (...or something). if anyone does take it, I'd be sort of interested to hear some of your results (if you're comfortable sharing); thus far, I've learned that I have a slight preference for Certainty over Mystery and a moderate preference for Church over State (which is somewhat surprising, but in many ways not at all)—I don't know if these tests are available in the Demonstration section, as I'm participating in the Research part, but I'm sharing anyway because I'm cool like that :D
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what I had planned to do this week:
• clean my room
• practice bass
• nap in the sun
• read House Of The Spirits (+hw, which is really simple) and Pride And Prejudice And Zombies
• do the 10-page bio packet that I had FORGOTTEN ABOUT ENTIRELY until two weeks ago (fml)
• practice conducting
• generally relax and prepare myself for band camp and, eventually school

what I will be doing this week:
• playing Sims 3

seriously it is SO ADDICTING and super customizable. my Sim looks so much like me it's scary (only she's thinner and better at guitar read: she can play guitar very well whereas I have had my bass for a year and can't do shit with it). so if you don't see me around much this week, blame EA Games :|
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AKSDGNSALG CONCERT LAST NIGHT WAS AMAZING OMG. also Tapan is like ridiculously gorgeous, wtf. Gaurav is pretty adorable too, he's got these cute sleepy eyes and curly hair. and there was a guy there who was like...an Indian version of Kwon or something, he was dancing all over the place and being generally adorable. I saw him with this girl and they were all clinging together and for a second I thought they were lesbians lol.

also I was misinformed and it was apparently a MIDIval PunditZ show featuring Karsh Kale instead of the other way around? idk, but it was awesome. Karsh makes me want to learn tabla omg. such a cool instrument ♥

I-I don't really have anything else to say. um, I'm coming home tonight? lol Claire and I are excited because we finally get to play Sims 3. it looks so badass.

also I'll probably upload a song or two by MP when I get home, but really, if you're at all interested in electronica and/or Indian music, go check them out on iTunes or Amazon or listen to their music on Myspace. (and if you like them, you should check out Karsh Kale as well.)

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ugh I'm really not sure whether to be excited for the Avatar movie or kind of pissed off. really idc that much about the chinese characters thing, but the casting does irritate me. I mean, I'm generally all for the idea of the most talented person getting the part, but it's not like there aren't any talented Asian actors out there (I honestly think Dante Basco could play Zuko if he were a bit scrawnier, that man DOES NOT AGE--seriously, playing a REALLY FIT teenager when he was 31? yeah. ageless.), and given that all the cultures in the series were based off preexisting ones...idk, my opinion is that they should cast people for each nation from the culture they were based on. whitewashing (LOOKING AT YOU, 21) irritates the hell out of me :/

in other news, got Michael Turner's Soulfire: Chaos Reign (because omg hot people in skimpy clothing) and some Dark Horse/MySpace collaboration anthology that has a pretty awesome Joss Whedon miniseries in it. makes me happy.

finally, I have started noticing that on all the spaghetti-strap tank tops I have, the straps are too long :| obv it's fine if they're adjustable, but most of them aren't, so my bra is constantly sticking out, urgh. you'd think my boobs would more than compensate for my short shoulders/sternum/whatever, but APPARENTLY NOT. boo my life.

off to Karsh Kale & MIDIval PunditZ (and possibly CSz? idk) in about an hour, ttfn.
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I have high hopes that this entry will not just be stupid but idk what will happen because it is hot as hell here and I'm using a crap PC laptop that is kind of burning my palms and I'm too lazy to sit forward so I can type properly and the laptop doesn't actually MOVE so we'll see )

and that has been my week thus far!

additional notes: my dad's girlfriend (whom we still have not met, boo hiss) got him the really nice complete set of Calvin & Hobbes, so I've been reading that lately, and it's funny how I remember all the comics thus far (I'm halfway through the second book). like there hasn't been one yet that I was like WHOA I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE. quality work, that. also in "talk to you", that last thing Jonghyun says before the chorus? yeah, what is that? because it sounds like either "let me tickle it" or "let me take a leak," neither of which is particularly pleasant to imagine him doing.

also PHOTO MEME STOLEN FROM [livejournal.com profile] ohlilu!!! ask me to take a photo/s of anything relevent to your interest...in me. it can be where i live, who i love, what i'm wearing, eating, looking at. ANYTHING. no vags, though. well. maybe. post your request in a comment and i will get snapping - the fruits of my labour will be posted in a future entry for your viewing displeasure :)

brb drowning self in cold water.

PS SF shirt of the day--"Pluto: NEVER FORGET"


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