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just registered for classes! )


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omg the fantastic elastic part is so perfect jskglds

um today was a really good day. went to ava (and finished my choice roll on the way!), developed film, did a fairly decent commentary, and gave 40min presentation! thank god that's done. now I just have to do college/scholarships and my psych experiment BUT I AM IGNORING THAT BECAUSE FREE TIME WHEEEEEE ALSO BEACH TRIP OVER THE WEEKEND! haha right now it is me and Ashleigh + 6 boys (and Jake's parents to ~supervise) so that'll be interesting. although slightly :/ because we can't fit everyone in Andrew's car (I think) so some of us will be riding with the adults. some of us here meaning me and Zach because they know him and it'd be awkward with anyone else, although Leron's also volunteered.

ANYWAY WHATEVER NOBODY CARES. the point is that I am enjoying life right now :D

oh also: I talked to Molly today (er about other things too) and our conversation was basically
Molly: dude your dreams are fucked up.
me: I KNOW D:
Molly: I'm going to bring my giantass book in so we can try and figure it out
me: aksgln thank you D:

did I tell you all about my last scary dream? yeah apparently my subconscious is obsessed with birds killing/being killed :|
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my day yesterday, so incredibly tl;dr )

so yeah. all in all, a pretty good day :)

*for anyone who isn't aware, Jake is Zach's best friend who a) likes me (even though I don't like him back and sincerely doubt I ever will, as more than a friend) and b) is incredibly stubborn, so Zach thinks he's going to stop talking to him or something, idek

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holy shit I want this. I'm honestly debating whether or not I want to buy it because I get the feeling it wouldn't look good on me but on the other hand omg so cute.

um also Zach and I are officially dating now.
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1. I FOUND MY CAMERA \O/ I'm sort of proud since it was in a place that would've taken me another month or two to find if I hadn't thought of it last night, but I also feel stupid because it should have never been lost in the first place :| now I just need to find the cord for the computer

2. question: what exactly does "a jury of their peers" refer to? like similar age, race, socio-economic status, what?

3. haircut @ 10; plane @ 4:50. will be in CA until the 8th.

4. I'M MISSING THE SYTYCD FINALE :((( maybe we'll be able to watch it at my dad's? idk.

5. I need to be better at typing.
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so apparently I'm sleeping outside tonight.



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