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my thread at the holiday love meme

i've had insomnia in the worst way this week :| i'm tired but i just don't have the motivation to go to sleep. also i'm trying to figure out whether i want to go home on wednesday (which is the current plan) or stick around until friday. either way i'm done with my finals on monday so it's basically a question of how long do i want to lay around the house in a semi-drunken stupor. although i think i might be more productive writing-wise if i stay here? also tbh i probably shouldn't spend any more time with my family than i have to. but i also probably shouldn't be making any decisions at 4am.

the good news is that at some point over winter break rachel and i (and katie?) are having an adventure time-and-alcohol party \o/ although it'll probably devolve into an alcohol-and-skype party, lol.

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(1:06AM) Bekah:
hey marie i wanted to tell you before i went to sleep that i think you are the best twin ever! thanks for being such a great friend and sister :) goodnight.

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when i am so exhausted i can fall asleep inside of 20 minutes, i'm only going to sleep a few hours at a time. if i'm this exhausted before 9pm, i'll sleep for a few hours, then be up the rest of the night.

also i'll be ridiculously hungry even if i ate too much only an hour or two before going to bed.
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I made a mix for Katie ([livejournal.com profile] yangwang) because she's bored with her music and asked me for some recs, and while she will be getting it tomorrow(? we need to talk :|) if the rest of you are interested, it is up for download here.

/toddles off to bed
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Just woke up from a dream where the theater kids (plus...Joon......) went to some rocky cliff to do...something, idk what. Something about seal hunting, I would assume, since we all got into the empty skins of adult seals, and all the baby seals were laying there with their paws tied together. There were polar bears gathered on the cliff above watching us.

I'd gotten there before everyone else and had set up my carcass costume early...Katie, emma, and [someone else?] had gotten there second and were doing something where they had a fake seal next to them? Idk, I'm not sure what the point was to all this. But I helped all the drama kids sign in (with jj going OH MARIE~! the way he does lol) and get set up. And then when I went back to get back into "costume" I couldn't find it anywhere. I wandered around a lot looking for it (ran into jj again, and joon), thinking I should not have the other seal with me, and eventually found out that my carcass had already been attacked, and the lower half (or at least specifically the butt area) had been eaten away.

And then I woke up.

EDIT: had another dream. don't have time to write about it now, but it involved Zack turning into (?) RPattz and then me making out with him. idk.


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