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sorry about posting twice today, i've been meaning to make a real journal post for a while and this is the first chance where i've had both the motivation and the time to do it. SO.

first things first: i am stealing [livejournal.com profile] annalouwho's getting-to-know-me activity!

Name one of my fandoms (check the profile) and I will tell you my:
Favorite ship
Least favorite ship
Favorite character(s)
Favorite episode
(A) Favorite quote

my fandoms are, in no particular order, avatar: the last airbender, buffy, criminal minds, firefly, game of thrones, harry potter, suits, true blood, and probably lots of other stuff i'm forgetting about. i'll also answer for kpop (using smtown + yge groups - you can ask by company or by band) although idk how to twist the favorite episode category for that.

the boring part of the entry )
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i really encourage all the (incredibly intelligent and eloquent!) writers i have on my flist to try this out. at the very least, i want to link this so everyone can check out what people are writing!

speaking of awesome women, i watched itty bitty titty committee in my feminism, gender & society class today and HNNNNG. since coming back to school i've been weirdly straight, but goddamn that movies brought back all my lady feelings. especially aggie and meat and calvin omg butchy girls/transmen are so fucking hot. ALSO CAN WE DISCUSS HOW JENNY SHIZUMU IS THE MOST ATTRACTIVE PERSON EVER okay i'm going to stop but basically ladies

AND SPEAKING OF ATTRACTIVE LADIES, i apparently have a Thing for young female english professors because i have the biggest crush on my thinking sex professor. i'm also going to see if i can request her as my advisor because ughhhh she's amazing. it has nothing to do with my attraction to her (honestly!) but i can't say that's a downside.

aaaaaand speaking of thinking sex, i'm enjoying it so far but it's also hard for me to bite my tongue when people say ignorant shit, and people say a lot of ignorant shit in that class. not in a malicious way, just in an...ignorant way. idk, we'll see how it goes.

ANYWAY I GOTTA GO ugh i am so incoherent today.
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okay normally i don't post much fandom stuff on here but FLIST CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW THIS IS LEGITIMATELY THE BEST ALBUM SNSD HAS EVER DONE AND MAY POSSIBLY EVER DO (although i really hope i'm wrong about this). i just. askflndslkgdsf *_______* bad girl! let it rain! you-aholic omg i can't ;~;


i'm an emotionally volatile bear okay :(
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fkdslgnkds )

/life update

for fandom friends, because idk that it's worth a second entry: i am so happy about jonghyun/sekyung. every time i think about it my face goes all n_____n lol. i really hope they last.
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wtf is this red thing in the middle of my eyebrows, I am not cyclops >:|

on a barely-related note, is it strange that I'm always sort of uncomfortable being complimented? like I appreciate it and all but I never quite know how to respond.
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is there anything better than sitting around in one's underwear listening to good music and eating thai (technically chinese) leftovers straight from the carton? (answer: no)

last night was really excellent. even Claire's little fit couldn't ruin it. I need to have more experiences like it.
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I am excited for tomorrow :3 brunch in Multnomah Village, then hanging out in downtown Portland for a few hours with Zack, Jake, Ashleigh, Andrew, Leron..... should be awesome. thanks, ACT!

EDIT: AND THEN I'M GOING TO GO SEE KOOZA. almost forgot about that lol.
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you guys should rec me any good fic you've read recently, I'm really craving some rn.

also I am still sort of annoyed at the whole Tegan and Sara concert thing that Claire's going to. like obv I am not annoyed with her because she wouldn't be going if Katie didn't have an extra ticket, but it's still like ...okay we were talking last week about how you don't really like them and sort of think their voices are annoying, but now you are suddenly their biggest fan? yeah okay. it just makes me roll my eyes when she's all I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

but whatever, I hope she has tons of fun. I'm just bitter lol.

just fyi

Mar. 23rd, 2010 05:24 pm
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oh my god my perfect woman is on The Millionaire Matchmaker, can I please be rich and older so I can get some of that.
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went to a drama picnic yesterday at Greenway Park with Chahles, Zack, Riley, Brittany, and Austin, and we were all running around hurting ourselves on the playground lol. we went to Marco's too and were total teenagers (sup hot chocolate and fries at 9pm) and then we ended up at the playground by the Multnomah County Library talking about quantum physics while Chahles died on the swings. then we all stuffed ourselves into Brittany's car and were weird lol. Riley is hilarious when he's tired, I almost died when Brittany was imitating him all "FUCK THIS FUCKIN SONG zzzzzzzzzzzzz thass my house~"omg. and I pimped out Pogo and MIDIval PunditZ as usual lol. (which reminds me, Katie wanted me to upload MP for her, is anyone else interested?) it was so great.

going to see Alice In Wonderland today at like 1:40 at CHC, which means that I'll probably have to bus, which means that I really should go shower like half an hour ago. dnw :c
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heading out soon for dinner with the Online staff :3 I'm excited, I really like all of them and we all want to become really good friends, so this should be fun. AND THEN I HAVE TO COME BACK AND DO MY BIO HOMEWORK FML.

Mic just texted me and asked if it makes me uncomfortable when he says I'm pretty and I was like "....yes ;;"

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......what the fuck I got one of those two-bite brownies out but I thought I'd eaten it but then I was sitting here all "huh, it smells like brownie" and it's right next to me. nomnomnom

I don't really have anything to say except that I really like things that are...polished is probably the best word for it. like magazines and music videos and electronic music (autotune (when used for effect and not as a correction) is one of my favorite sounds ever) that's really glossy and smooth. I like rougher things too, but it isn't always as appealing.

I really need to go bra shopping.

when was the last time you looked up?
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I have spent entirely too much money in the last two days, cries. although I have an adorable new coat and a fuckton of makeup to show for it :3 (and speaking of that coat, Claire was like "ummmmm that's a men's coat" when I put it on and I was like "ummmmmm it has a cinched waist that ties in the back and poofs out at the bottom. I wasn't aware that that was in fashion for men. and even if it were a men's coat it is still huge and warm and water-repellent and adorable so stfu :D") and Claire got a book of pinup art that she is being a bit bitchy about letting me look at but whatever I can always read it when she isn't around. so there.

I want to live on a boat, you guys :(
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obligatory Merry Christmas post! I hope you're all having a good day whether or not you're celebrating anything :)

as for me, my presents this year were...okay. nothing that made me super happy, but it wasn't bad or anything. I got a new hoodie from Zumiez that I'm going to have to exchange (it was bright purple and lined with this purple fuzzy stuff that I was a bit ...wtf over), and these ModCloth things. keeping the cardigan and the necklace, but the tunic is just...no. it's one of those things where it looks gross if you have any fat whatsoever because it's super clingy. plus the back is too low to wear a bra with it, which is a very bad thing for me :/ too bad, because I really like the pattern and the color.
and we got our Wii~ it's sort of boring right now because all we have is Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports, and Wii Play, but we're going to go rent some games tomorrow and try them out I think.

anyway. /materialism. saw Sherlock Holmes; it felt really long fsr but it was pretty good. I don't think I'd go and see it in theaters again but I definitely want to get it when it comes out on DVD.

also can someone please explain to me Changmin's "silent protest"? what is he protesting, idgi :/
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1) Ninja Assassin was pretty epic. I have to say that I don't understand why chop-em-up pure-entertainment action films always seem to feel the need to have a deeper meaning but it was fun all the same. even though Ashkaun doesn't know wtf he's talking about and should really just let me direct him places. also brief spoilery rant ) rawr.

2) does anyone have/know where I could get a download of the SHINee calendar? my internet pretty much refuses to load a bunch of large images (it just turns gray halfway through) and given how !!!!! everyone seems to be about them I would like to see it. STARES AT MEGAN

3) god I keep signing up on like every internet site out there. I just (re-)registered on last.fm, check me out? lol all this stuff is so self-centered.

4) fuck why don't I ever remember what I was planning to post.
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so apparently I am a vase shape instead of an apple shape, which is sort of relieving because I saw the apple type on that page and was like D: THAT IS MY FUTURE??? vase is a little better.

my sleep habits are all fucked up :/ I've been completely exhausted by 7:30-8 and usually in bed by 9. last night I slept somewhere between 6-8 hours but Thursday night I slept for 9 hours straight (which is pretty unusual for me) and was still tired as hell when I woke up. maybe it's the fatigue I usually get before/during/after my period? idk but it sucks. plus I'm having trouble finding the motivation to eat. like I get hungry but idc enough to do anything about it if there isn't something instantly fixable (like microwaving or that I can eat cold...toasting/buttering a bagel is about as much effort as I am currently willing to make and we don't have any).

also I have been way too into jaechun lately and Rachel has turned me into a complete pervert :|

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I love Glee so much oh my god. Finn's voice makes me so happy.

besides that, I'm just about dead. this entry is pointless. and um. probably just going to melt into a puddle after next week.

meeting with Ari was good though.

also Sarah Haskins is my new favorite person omg ♥
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𝄆 I woke up in a really good mood this morning fsr. maybe I'll actually be productive today! 𝄇

𝄆 omg just checked my flist and a) La chA Ta (or wtfever it is) is out!, b) the video of TOP's ELLE shoot is out! (lol Chansung better watch his back), c) Kumi's "Physical Thing" PV is out!, and d) new chapter of "Fingertips"! lol I have so much to do this morning, il it. 𝄇

𝄆 why is SM like the worst company out there, it made me so sad to read the MTV Iggy thing :/ I'm listening to all the SHINee music I have on repeat (and using a fantastic SHINee icon!) to make myself feel better. 𝄇

𝄆 GSA meeting yesterday was about as productive as they usually are; more to the point, post-meeting Chahles, D'say, Leron, Austin, and I sat around and told dead baby jokes for two hours went and saw HP6! (we tried to text/call/etc. Katie/Emma/Keira and let them know that we were sticking around until 7:20, but no luck.) that movie owns me so hard omg. D'say and I need to watch more movies together, we had the same thoughts at everything. (HP: he killed my parents, sir. US: ......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA) 𝄇

𝄆 speaking of D'say, I feel like I'm going to be crushing on her again this year, WHY AM I LIKE THIS :( she's just so awesome and adorable and I want to cuddle her forever. 𝄇

𝄆 um. fuck, I had something else to say but idr it now. 𝄇


𝄆 hey does anyone know where this picture is from? I love his long hair but I can never figure out where any of the pictures come from :( 𝄇


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