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pretty much every high schooler I know wants to take Home Ec.
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no. I think marriage is something that should last a lifetime--not that I have anything against the divorced, obviously, but it bothers me how lightly marriage is taken these days. I don't want to marry because I don't want to get divorced; maybe that will change one day but right now I wouldn't marry anyone without living with them for a few years and basically existing as a married couple without the actual license.

/incoherent rambling
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I don't talk about my fandoms at all irl. it's partly because I don't have any irl friends who are interested in them and partly because after the J-Rock fandom I looked back and went "oh my god people saw me as one of Those People" and that is just scary.

you guys I'm probably anemic :( also okay on a random note: we were talking about birthdays today and it sort of hit me that I'm a) turning 18 and b) it's my Golden Birthday. I feel like I should have some huge party haha.
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I can never describe myself, so whatever to that, but given ten words, how would you describe me, flist?
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when I decided I wanted to switch from [livejournal.com profile] fehriku to something else, [livejournal.com profile] sunshineyes recommended I look at [livejournal.com profile] 1word_1day for ideas. one of the words was "alexithymia," which is defined as
[əlek′sithī′mē·ə, -thim′ē·ə]
an inability to experience and communicate feelings consciously.
Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.

which I really really liked. sadly, [livejournal.com profile] alexithymia was already taken, but [livejournal.com profile] lexithymia wasn't, and I figured a blog is really using words to express emotions, so.

aka I was being pretentious as always lol.

idk about the color of this but I really like the style. but this and this are just adorable, do want.

how much do I want the ten by ten polaroids omg you guys.

also I have posted this pretty much everywhere, but I got into Willamette with a $10,000 renewable scholarship ♥
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besides outright pornography (and even then I don't necessarily have an issue with that other than that it's illegal)? no. nothing. ever. let your kids learn. if you've raised them right they'll know what they don't want to be reading.

also dear friends who know more about computers than I do: if I open a page that has a lot of pictures on it, how do I get it to load all the pictures instead of just quitting halfway and leaving the rest of the image either blank or grey? it's really annoying if I'm trying to look at photoshoots or something :| (and I use Safari, if that makes a difference. god I wish Firefox worked on my computer.)
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see icon.

alternately, "baby, you make my bulb a-SOAR!" (say it out loud)
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technically, I've known Sarah the longest out of everyone but Katie ([livejournal.com profile] evil_gummiworm) is second after that and she's probably my closest friend. ...and I can't think of anything else to say, so.

also what the fuck my iPod just erased itself. again. why does Apple hate me and why in the fuck does its customer service suck so hard. seriously I love Mac products but the company policies piss me off to no end.
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lol no. I eat what I want when I want to, which is why I have weight issues. AND YET.

today was a really irritating day. Mic was messing around and poking or tickling me or smth and made me scratch my arm with my star ring :| it hurts. I also have approximately 8 million things to do this weekend. plus I'm sick! ugh fml.

PS Aki needs to just never stop being blonde. unf that boy.

EDIT: wow Washington & Lee just sent me a letter telling me that I'm being considered for a scholarship that would pay for tuition, room, and board (at minimum), plus they're waiving my application fee. score.

EDIT2: OMG SHADEE IS SO CUTE. she just sent me and Kevin an email about the clarinets having a section lunch tomorrow after the parade and was all ^_^ through the entire thing. ilhsfm ♥
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All Time Low's cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella" (101 plays) :| my top 25 most played actually aren't that representative of my favorite songs or even what I choose to listen to most: these are the songs that, when they come up in shuffle, I'm most likely to stop and listen to. except "Umbrella" because I don't want it to be my most played anymore :|

AND BECAUSE I KNOW YOU WERE WONDERING. except not. lol it's such fail, idek how all my favorite kpop songs got up there so fast. )
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I've never been to KFC (no wait, I've been twice. well, I avoid it as much as possible) or Wal-Mart as a sort of...avoidant protest against their policies. I'm currently also not buying any Coke products when I remember ;_; because their company is involved in some sort of...civil war? idk, I'm trying to find the post Katie made about it but having no luck.

also, can I just say that the Cassies' boycott of SM is pretty much the dumbest thing ever? there are better ways to do what you're trying to do, kids.

note to self to email Kioni.
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probably not an organ, but I've often thought that I'd rather donate bone marrow than blood. idk why really, giving blood just seems more unpleasant to me.

in other news:
⟶ I will just...never get over the Abracadabra MV. twenty years from now I will watch it and be all AKSLNGLSADK HOLY FUCK. (...speaking of, did Dirty Eyed Girls come out while I was gone last week? you guys have to keep me updated on fandom, I don't have time to check my full flist. EDIT: EEEEEE JUST CHECKED MY FLIST AND IT'S OUT EEEEEEEEEEEEEE)
⟶ I've been reading everyone's journals, I just don't have time to comment (especially since my phone is crap about that sort of thing). I promise I don't hate you, I just can't do it right now.
⟶ I totally forgot everything I was going to say in this entry bawwwwwww
EDIT2: hahahahahahahaha weeaboo pickup lines. baby if I could rearrange the hiragana alphabet I'd put ゆ [yu] and み [mi] together. does liking that so much make me a loser? do I care?
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this is actually something I've thought about quite a lot (because I am a huge dork and tend to get philosophical about everything, you see), and I have to say that the scrutiny we place on the personal lives of celebrities really bothers me. you do have to give up your privacy to some extent, and I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing—for example, I imagine it's hard to be (hugely) hypocritical when you're constantly in the public eye. on the other hand, I have absolutely no doubt that the pressure to be exactly who you say you are all the time is why so many celebrities are messed up; everyone needs an escape sometimes, right?

tl;dr, includes some views on kpop )

...I feel like that should have been some sort of formal essay :| one of these days I will learn to express myself in two sentences or less.

in other news, Kyu's new hair isn't as bad as it looked on my phone, but I still wish he'd left it long :( also band camp starts tomorrow FML and I feel like a loser whenever I say band camp. there needs to be a less dorky name for it.

PS this girl is amazing
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deciding at like the age of 10-12 (idr when exactly) that I loathed my body and would cover it up as much as possible, which is why now only my chest/arms/shoulders/face are the only (relatively) tan parts of my body.

in other news, I'm just waiting to upgrade my account until I get to CA and set up my debit card there, but ARGH I WANT MORE USERPICS. I only have like one ~solemn~ icon :|
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I can conduct 4/4 with my right hand and 3/4 with my left, which has zero practical use but is a pretty cool party trick...if you are at a party with band geeks.


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