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oh god i can't think of what to put here )
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  • i just wrote an 11 page paper in approximately 7 hours
  • said paper can be summed up by this picture
  • awww yeah
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just registered for classes! )


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it's that time again )

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i was going to make this whole long post about what i think about each of my classes, but then i realized i don't care enough so here is the quick and dirty version:

obligatory lj-cut )

that's all.
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another one of those posts where i just figure out my schedule )

i'm going to go make tea.
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SO. here's my actual schedule for next semester, or at least I'm assuming it will be because although I haven't registered for two classes (and won't be able to until 9PM, fml), they both have over half the spots available.

 12:50-2:20 Symbolic Logic  Symbolic Logic 
 2:30-4:00Intro to American Ethnic Studies Philosophical ProblemsIntro to American Ethnic StudiesPhilosophical Problems 
 6:30-9:30Japanese Culture Through Film    Japanese Culture Through Film (screenings)

AND NOTHING ON FRIDAYS. which I just realized haha. I seriously love this schedule *___* I registered for Symbolic Logic and Japanese Culture yesterday, and I literally hit submit every 30 seconds until it was 6:45 so I could be sure to get in them (SL had 2/25, JC had 3/20), and when I did I was ridiculously excited lol.

on a totally different note, I had a really weird dream right before I woke up this morning )

also I went through and edited all my icons the other day. super exciting to have so many new ones, but also annoying because everything is gone :(
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went and talked to my advisor today, and new plan!

12:50 - 2:20Intro to American Ethnic StudiesSymbolic LogicIntro to American Ethnic StudiesSymbolic LogicIntro to American Ethnic Studies
6:30 - 9:30Japanese Culture Through FilmCreative Writing: FictionJapanese Culture Through Film  

.........wow, looking at it in a table makes me realize how weird that time schedule is. idk how I feel about so many night classes :| I might end up switching my creative writing class to T/Th 2:30-4:00, but idk. it depends on whether or not there'll even be spots available :/ there's three cw:f classes, but only 8 spots in each, so I'm a little worried that they'll all be taken by upperclassmen.

I'm also not sure about the Japanese class—it's listed as JAPN 342, which makes me wonder if it's taught in Japanese. but then again, I feel like a class where you'd be expected to have discussions and write essays in Japanese would be listed as a 400 level, I don't think very many people in my 300 level class right now could do any of that. but it's currently listed as CLA staff, so I have to contact the department head to find out :/

idk, there are quite a few classes that look interesting, but they're either out of my range (as in 300+ and/or with prereqs) or at the same time as the Symbolic Logic class or both. I might end up taking Statistics instead of Symbolic Logic, I guess, depending on how many of the classes I'm interested in get filled up. Stats would give me way more options for time, and all the classes are in the morning, which is nice. and then it'd free up that T/Th 12:50-2:20 time slot so I could take something else.

idk guys is this a good idea :(
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okay. if i get the schedule I'm hoping for, my next semester will look like this:

9:10-10:10Statistics Statistics Statistics
10:20-11:20Gender/Sexuality in Greek Society Gender/Sexuality in Greek Society Gender/Sexuality in Greek Society
12:50-2:20 Symbolic Logic Symbolic Logic 
2:30-4:00Intro to American Ethnic Studies Intro to American Ethnic Studies  

math that early in the morning is going to suck x_x but the latest time conflicted with the greek society class, soooo. although really the only ones i definitely need/want to keep are statistics and intro to american ethnic studies and preferably symbolic logic. if i can keep gender/sexuality, great, but if i can't, oh well. (also that would be my only non-100 level class, what.) i'd get to keep my early friday too~

ALSO STARFUCKER IS COMING HERE NEXT FRIDAY aah omg who is going to show up early with me ;___; must get in! i would cry if it were too full ;______;


Aug. 30th, 2010 02:39 pm
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found out today that my Taoism class is actually a 300 level ;;;;;;;; I'm not too worried about it, because I already know the basics of Taoism and I'm really interested in religion in general (so I know I'll work hard), but I totally didn't realize that when I signed up :| plus I already bought my books :|||

we'll see how it goes, I guess.

also dnw three hours of community service :< can't i just sleep instead omg ;______________; although on wednesday my first (and only!) class [which is Taoism] starts at 12:50 so i'll get plenty of sleep then.
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so. been at college for about two days now. my colloquium class is pretty interesting, and I like my OD group well enough (although I can already see the ~cool kid~ clique forming). dorm is also decent; I've met my roommate, Miyuki, once (she stayed in Kaneko last night "to work making yearbook") and she seems nice enough. she gave me a box of cookies :3 (I gave her chocolates lol) I'm excited to start actual classes because I don't really like all this being-fussed-over. I just want to get settled in and start living normally, if that makes sense. I really like everyone I've met in my hall (Lausanne basement) and my RA is adorable even though I cannot remember her name for the life of me. (also she's determined to get us to do enough community service hours for us to all go to Disneyland for spring break lol)

negatively speaking, I'm hoping the awkwardness with Miyuki will go away in time, but for now I'm quietly glad that she's never in the room :/ I'm also really really uncomfortable with the thought of going to and from the showers in just a towel—idc if other people do it, that wouldn't bother me at all, but I am not going to do it.

aslkngdskfd pause because miyuki just came in and omg we are so awk ;____; but she's so cute!!!


seven hours later:

so uh yeah my computer basically just quit on me and i never got to finish typing this up but basically we spent a bunch of time talking and going over what our personalities. and then there was matriculation (which was so fucking awesome oh my god i love my school) and i met miyuki's boyfriend! and like ten other tiua students lol ;_; at one point miyuki was like HER NOSE IS SO TALL and i was like DDDDDD: bc my nose is weird and then she went ALSO HER EYES ARE BLUE and taka was like MAJI????? and stared at me and it was lolarious and awkward as hell and omg ;____; he was super nice though! and he fist bumped me bc i like soccer lol.

i'm tired and i'm getting up at 7 so i can shower and get pretty and shit before i go to breakfast tomorrow, also i'm sort of incoherent atm (if you hadn't noticed) and so i'm going to go to bed! i will tell you more cute miyuki stories as they happen, she is seriously the sweetest thing.
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posting this from my new MacBook Pro :ooo

which refuses to sync properly to my old computer so I am going to have to transfer all my files manually.

bonus fml: I also got an external hard drive (that I already synced to my laptop), but when I tried to connect it to my desktop computer so I could just move my files that way, it started beeping this really annoying beep. as far as I could tell, my computer wasn't registering it at all, but I only kept it on for about thirty seconds before I was about ready to cry/throw the damn thing at the wall. ....I do not do well with sharp, repetitive noises :|
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yessssss registration is complete.

Third Year Japanese
Third Year Japanese

Third Year Japanese
Third Year Japanese
College Colloquium: Spoken Stories
College Colloquium: Spoken Stories
Dominican/Haitian American Literature
Dominican/Haitian American Literature

so Wednesday and Friday are going to be pretty low-key, and Tuesday and Thursday are going to be sort of stressful. but I like all the classes I signed up for and I'm excited to start :)

and now I get to go take a shower!
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Sharing is Caring: for one week, recommend/share:
Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic

Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

I have been addicted to Pacxon lately. it's this remake of Pac-Man where you try and cover up 80% of the board and I cannot get past level 12 asgfdslk >:|

❀ it's [livejournal.com profile] diorbaby's birthday!!! :DDD ilu rachelface~~~~ (and Aki's birthday is tomorrow, two of my favorite people were born right in a row! and then Chansung on the 11th and Changmin on the 18th and Jake on the somethingth and Katie on the 20th and Zack on the 22nd...everyone cool was born this month lol.)

❀ shit hit the fan today in English :/ I was originally really frustrated and upset but now I just feel really bad and I don't blame Stoner for acting the way he did. I know I've said that I hate this but I honestly don't really want to talk about it. I'm emailing him and apologizing and then I'm moving on.

❀ ...so I'm pretty sure the FAFSA said that my family only has to pay about $6500 towards college (and I didn't see anything about student loans or work-study or anything). either the government is really generous with single mothers or we are a lot poorer than I thought.

❀ I feel really strange right now.
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when I decided I wanted to switch from [livejournal.com profile] fehriku to something else, [livejournal.com profile] sunshineyes recommended I look at [livejournal.com profile] 1word_1day for ideas. one of the words was "alexithymia," which is defined as
[əlek′sithī′mē·ə, -thim′ē·ə]
an inability to experience and communicate feelings consciously.
Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.

which I really really liked. sadly, [livejournal.com profile] alexithymia was already taken, but [livejournal.com profile] lexithymia wasn't, and I figured a blog is really using words to express emotions, so.

aka I was being pretentious as always lol.

idk about the color of this but I really like the style. but this and this are just adorable, do want.

how much do I want the ten by ten polaroids omg you guys.

also I have posted this pretty much everywhere, but I got into Willamette with a $10,000 renewable scholarship ♥
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my ultimate modcloth wishlist, so pretty much irrelevant to anyone else lol )

also I really want to get this from B&N because I have a giftcard that would work for it but I would probably never use it :/

I have an alumni interview with UChicago! and I don't even have to look nice for it! woohoo!
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oh my god i am so fucked
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I've been a horrible LJ friend lately, I apologize :/ I've been checking my fpage regularly but I haven't had much time to do it on the actual computer and the programs I use on my phone either don't work or take entirely too much time to do so. so yes.

the only real newsworthy thing is that if Leron gets an iPhone like he plans to he says he'll give me his iTouch! I feel sort of guilty taking stuff from him when I never give him anything in return, but he offered, so.... idk, does that make me a bad person? I feel like I never reciprocate anything for anyone :/

besides that, I've been thoroughly enjoying the mixes I've downloaded lately, and I've been relistening to the ones I made over the summer and actually rather liking those too. still stuck on my love songs one, but whatever. also I need to post them, I actually ended up making a community after all ;; but yeah. I'm just going to rec my three favorites because I've been listening to them pretty much nonstop.
my better half has bitten me—a Jennifer's Body EP
well-alright—a mix about apathy & enthusiasm, lust & puppy love, insecurity & arrogance, making mistakes & ... making more mistakes. basically, a mix about teenagers.
acoustic methods—a mix full of acoustic songs

there was another one called "past is prologue" that was about being all :| about your childhood that I'm actually listening to right now but I can't find it again :/

also I cannot think of a suitable topic for my college essay aaaaaaaaaargh


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