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sorry about posting twice today, i've been meaning to make a real journal post for a while and this is the first chance where i've had both the motivation and the time to do it. SO.

first things first: i am stealing [livejournal.com profile] annalouwho's getting-to-know-me activity!

Name one of my fandoms (check the profile) and I will tell you my:
Favorite ship
Least favorite ship
Favorite character(s)
Favorite episode
(A) Favorite quote

my fandoms are, in no particular order, avatar: the last airbender, buffy, criminal minds, firefly, game of thrones, harry potter, suits, true blood, and probably lots of other stuff i'm forgetting about. i'll also answer for kpop (using smtown + yge groups - you can ask by company or by band) although idk how to twist the favorite episode category for that.

okay so i've never really been the type to get into halloween but i am SO EXCITED this year because i am being a pinup girl! with 4-5 other girls from my sorority! which is mostly awesome because it gave me an excuse to get a dress/pumps/red lipstick, all of which i can continue to wear post-halloween. also i look hot without being trashy! basically this is the greatest idea ever.

to continue the theme of capitalism, I GOT THREE PAIRS OF SHOES AND THEY ARE SO AWESOME OH MY GOD. i wore the black boots to class today and everyone who saw them was like DAMN THOSE ARE GREAT SHOES. lol this is like the most excited i have ever been about shoes, why did i never bother with boots before when they are clearly THE BEST.

what else. um my classes are good? and i've declared and everything. although i should talk to my advisor about going abroad next year. except i'm still having issues being ~inspired~ for creative writing. i may end up taking stuff that i've never published and just reworking it into something i can turn in :| sigh. and i was so looking forward to becoming a ~proper writer~. ~SARCASTIC TILDES~

okay i apologize for how ridiculous this entry is. what a great introduction to me.
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