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Finally got my gauges in x_x not looking forward to waking up tomorrow, Claire said her ears felt like they were going to fall off.
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balance board is back to normal, btw.
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LiveJournal is not letting me add RSS feeds to my fpage :| also I should just never talk to anyone ever, it never works out well for me.

I'm going to go read more of Paradise Lost.
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god I'm tired. I'll probably go to bed at like 12:02. this doesn't really feel like new year's eve fsr :/
I want someone to cuddle with right now :[

happy new year bbs~
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owwwwwww gauges hurttttttttt :((((((( ugh seriously I feel like I'm being such a baby about this but seriously I am like about to cry. I'm trying to decide whether or not it's worth it. anybody have any ideas for an anesthetic I can use? (also gauges is not the right term but idr the correct one :/)
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you guys this just made me cry :(
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EDIT: ...lol this was supposed to go to Twitter. but seriously guys wtf, I get the waist/hips part but the bust? why does he have a 36" chest...?

also I make delicious potstickers, mmmmm.
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I just spent 21 hours without cell service you guys, it felt like I'd had a limb cut off D: urgh I have nothing to say right now, I plan to drown myself in Idol Army (because [livejournal.com profile] tvxqluvv has made me so curious about their crazy that I can no longer keep it in) and ciabatta bread. mmmmmm ciabatta.
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lol my life.

am planning to spend today with hot chocolate, lots of blankets, the last episode of Dexter S3, and Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book (which I got last night for $5, awwwww yeah Powell's). whee.
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YOU GUYS FIRED UP IS AMAZING OMG. YOU MUST ALL COME OVER HERE AND WATCH IT WITH ME OKAY? also it amuses me how alike Claire and I are sometimes.

secret santa holiday love meme!
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asfhsd why is it that the happier I feel the more stupid I become?

better question: WHY DID I GET A TWITTER IF I STILL MAKE STUPID POSTS LIKE THIS? I think someone should be stupid with me, sobs.

um also please just...keep me away from everything fashion-related. I am sort of hopelessly addicted to it but it just makes me feel like a dumbass ;;

in other news I am so in love with my icons. like eventually I start getting sort of :/ about them but right now they are all perfect. which is fantastic because ngl I judge people by their icons (and how fucking stupid is that, judging people on the internet) and I think mine make a good impression, quality-wise and WHAT THE FUCK AM I TALKING ABOUT SOMEBODY GET ME OFF THE COMPUTER. I think I'll go make rice and watch Dexter.

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I don't feel well :/
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Ellen DeGeneres is fucking amazing and I am craving mashed potatoes. and apparently accompanying Jake to Ava tomorrow morning because he's never been, so feel free to show up? and um Pomona and Vassar are definitely off my list, but Quest and Wellesley are definitely still on.


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