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there seems to be a lot of general boo-hiss worthy material on my flist lately, so I'm uploading this because it's really lovely and I've had it on repeat for like three days straight and yes. it makes me happy and I think you all should listen to it if you're going through a rough patch.

Go Out And Love Somebody - Pogo

FURRIES ON THE TYRA SHOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. "so when you go to Disneyland, do you get turned on?" omg Tyra never leave me.
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WATCHING THE TYRA SHOW IS MAKING ME RAGE. if I found out my mom were tracking my cell phone and viewing all of my texts and emails and etc. I would flip my shit. idc to some extent, like parents just do that sort of thing, but seriously these women are extreme and it scares the shit out of me.

I AM ALSO RAGING AT JAPAN because a picture of an actress (?) holding a condom was released and she was fired because she was having sex. and, horror of horrors, she might have liked it! what the fuck. Japan is so fucking repressed and backwards, it makes me sick.

One day, when everyone was going off to eat during lunch period, Jaebum was doing pushups while listening to music and I noticed a crumpled notebook open in his bag. He wrote Park Jaebum in his broken hangul and in round brackets, wrote Jay Park.

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this is actually something I've thought about quite a lot (because I am a huge dork and tend to get philosophical about everything, you see), and I have to say that the scrutiny we place on the personal lives of celebrities really bothers me. you do have to give up your privacy to some extent, and I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing—for example, I imagine it's hard to be (hugely) hypocritical when you're constantly in the public eye. on the other hand, I have absolutely no doubt that the pressure to be exactly who you say you are all the time is why so many celebrities are messed up; everyone needs an escape sometimes, right?

tl;dr, includes some views on kpop )

...I feel like that should have been some sort of formal essay :| one of these days I will learn to express myself in two sentences or less.

in other news, Kyu's new hair isn't as bad as it looked on my phone, but I still wish he'd left it long :( also band camp starts tomorrow FML and I feel like a loser whenever I say band camp. there needs to be a less dorky name for it.

PS this girl is amazing
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ugh I'm really not sure whether to be excited for the Avatar movie or kind of pissed off. really idc that much about the chinese characters thing, but the casting does irritate me. I mean, I'm generally all for the idea of the most talented person getting the part, but it's not like there aren't any talented Asian actors out there (I honestly think Dante Basco could play Zuko if he were a bit scrawnier, that man DOES NOT AGE--seriously, playing a REALLY FIT teenager when he was 31? yeah. ageless.), and given that all the cultures in the series were based off preexisting ones...idk, my opinion is that they should cast people for each nation from the culture they were based on. whitewashing (LOOKING AT YOU, 21) irritates the hell out of me :/

in other news, got Michael Turner's Soulfire: Chaos Reign (because omg hot people in skimpy clothing) and some Dark Horse/MySpace collaboration anthology that has a pretty awesome Joss Whedon miniseries in it. makes me happy.

finally, I have started noticing that on all the spaghetti-strap tank tops I have, the straps are too long :| obv it's fine if they're adjustable, but most of them aren't, so my bra is constantly sticking out, urgh. you'd think my boobs would more than compensate for my short shoulders/sternum/whatever, but APPARENTLY NOT. boo my life.

off to Karsh Kale & MIDIval PunditZ (and possibly CSz? idk) in about an hour, ttfn.
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if you don't see me on facebook and/or twitter, i'm still alive. flight was actually pretty nice :)

will make proper update tomorrow when i'm not about to pass out.

also, idk if it's been officially announced yet, but mic says that head says that camp is on the 17th and will run pretty much exactly as it did last year. just fyi to the (two?) band kids on my flist.

i love fawlty towers but it always makes my head hurt :(
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