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SO. here's my actual schedule for next semester, or at least I'm assuming it will be because although I haven't registered for two classes (and won't be able to until 9PM, fml), they both have over half the spots available.

 12:50-2:20 Symbolic Logic  Symbolic Logic 
 2:30-4:00Intro to American Ethnic Studies Philosophical ProblemsIntro to American Ethnic StudiesPhilosophical Problems 
 6:30-9:30Japanese Culture Through Film    Japanese Culture Through Film (screenings)

AND NOTHING ON FRIDAYS. which I just realized haha. I seriously love this schedule *___* I registered for Symbolic Logic and Japanese Culture yesterday, and I literally hit submit every 30 seconds until it was 6:45 so I could be sure to get in them (SL had 2/25, JC had 3/20), and when I did I was ridiculously excited lol.

on a totally different note, I had a really weird dream right before I woke up this morning )

also I went through and edited all my icons the other day. super exciting to have so many new ones, but also annoying because everything is gone :(
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just woke up from a dream where I almost slept with Lady Gaga and Samantha Ronson. in an aquarium. right after Gaga and I had bailed Sam out from jail.

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Just woke up from a dream where the theater kids (plus...Joon......) went to some rocky cliff to do...something, idk what. Something about seal hunting, I would assume, since we all got into the empty skins of adult seals, and all the baby seals were laying there with their paws tied together. There were polar bears gathered on the cliff above watching us.

I'd gotten there before everyone else and had set up my carcass costume early...Katie, emma, and [someone else?] had gotten there second and were doing something where they had a fake seal next to them? Idk, I'm not sure what the point was to all this. But I helped all the drama kids sign in (with jj going OH MARIE~! the way he does lol) and get set up. And then when I went back to get back into "costume" I couldn't find it anywhere. I wandered around a lot looking for it (ran into jj again, and joon), thinking I should not have the other seal with me, and eventually found out that my carcass had already been attacked, and the lower half (or at least specifically the butt area) had been eaten away.

And then I woke up.

EDIT: had another dream. don't have time to write about it now, but it involved Zack turning into (?) RPattz and then me making out with him. idk.
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sophomore year, the Bio II classes went on a field trip to the coast to look at tide pools. while there, I bent down to look at something under a rock and pulled a muscle in my lower back (like right where my spine connects to my pelvis, in the "thong triangle" lol). I was in so much pain that I could barely walk, and I stayed home from school the next day to try and recuperate. I've had some problems with my lower back ever since then; occasionally I'll have episodes where my back will hurt as much as it did when I first messed it up, but for the most part it's just annoying or uncomfortable (or unnoticeable).

today, Claire had her foot up on a desk to tie her shoe and twisted around somehow and did the exact same thing. she's hardly moved at all since we got home. and I think this is about the same time that we took that field trip, too. so this is kind of weirding me out.

also I still cannot find a satisfactory explanation for why birds always appear in my scary dreams.
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it seems like images of Paris keep popping up for some reason. I'd really like to go there right now. or back to Hawai'i. somewhere...romantic? idk, somewhere different.

a few nights ago I dreamt that Kiel Williams (or someone like him, I remember he looked different but was still Kiel in my mind) was in love with me and made me really happy and I kissed him over a counter in a dark room even though I knew Zack was somewhere close. it made me feel really content and warm and loved.

and then last night I dreamt that I was at a pool (party?) with Rachel and {some other girl} and we were splashing around having fun, and myself and the {other girl} hooked up with someone but Rachel was waiting for Jay...and then I was on a floating pedal thing (I could draw it, but I can't really describe it) and simultaneously feeling really happy and really self-conscious because of my legs (even though they hadn't been bothering me before, idgi). that whole thing was really weird because I haven't been swimming in years, but I remember again feeling pretty relaxed and loved.

so that's that.
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there has been a recurring image in my dreams lately of leaving on a boat to go somewhere )

it's not a particularly disturbing or happy dream or anything, it's just something that's happening to me. since it's been in quite a few dreams now I get the feeling that it's significant, but I have no idea how to interpret it. I'll probably message it to Molly haha.
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omg the fantastic elastic part is so perfect jskglds

um today was a really good day. went to ava (and finished my choice roll on the way!), developed film, did a fairly decent commentary, and gave 40min presentation! thank god that's done. now I just have to do college/scholarships and my psych experiment BUT I AM IGNORING THAT BECAUSE FREE TIME WHEEEEEE ALSO BEACH TRIP OVER THE WEEKEND! haha right now it is me and Ashleigh + 6 boys (and Jake's parents to ~supervise) so that'll be interesting. although slightly :/ because we can't fit everyone in Andrew's car (I think) so some of us will be riding with the adults. some of us here meaning me and Zach because they know him and it'd be awkward with anyone else, although Leron's also volunteered.

ANYWAY WHATEVER NOBODY CARES. the point is that I am enjoying life right now :D

oh also: I talked to Molly today (er about other things too) and our conversation was basically
Molly: dude your dreams are fucked up.
me: I KNOW D:
Molly: I'm going to bring my giantass book in so we can try and figure it out
me: aksgln thank you D:

did I tell you all about my last scary dream? yeah apparently my subconscious is obsessed with birds killing/being killed :|
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my mom is stuck in Cleveland. that sort of makes me laugh, ngl.

also I had the fucking weirdest dream I've ever had (to my memory) last night. it involved Molly dating Orlando Bloom and Jack Nicholson in TDK!Joker makeup and a bird smashing a dog's head in. very creepy. not excited to sleep tonight.

Amadeus party tomorrow!
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wtf iltsfm.

I had a dream last night about being in the zoo, in the Pacific Northwest (or whatever) exhibit with Mic and...other people and stuff happened and we were being chased by these really vicious cat-things called "beavats" and it was terrifying and there was much running but what makes this post-worthy is the fact that I had a semi-lucid dream. I say semi-lucid because all of a sudden, right when the cats were going to catch us, I went, "wait, I'm dreaming!" and decided that bubbles would suddenly appear and they'd love them and start chasing after them (which happened, but then fsr I went back to not being lucid again). but I realized I was dreaming because I thought, "one of my eyes is partly open, and I can see the desk in my office and my fishbowl."

I don't have an office, much less a fish. so basically I realized I was dreaming because I saw part of another dream. this is really bizarre to me.

all the Jay drama is making me really sad :[ I'm going to go watch Dirty Eyed Girls to make myself feel better.

also this is TOTALLY RANDOM but HI GINNY :DDDDDD I went "eeeeee!!" when the notification that you'd just friended me popped up.
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oh god lol forever

I had a dream last night that I checked my flist on my phone and Em had posted something but I just went and checked and she hasn't, wtf. also Claire pierced her ear last night and is waiting to see how long it takes mom to notice.
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dream )


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